At the dawn of change

6 11 2008

Election Day is over and with it the joy of many people who exercised the priveledge to choose a new President. I congratulate all of you who took part on this event.

The expectancy now is change, a new course, a new path. We can do all of that as well in all aspects of our life. We need to expect the best in order to attract it. Looking for the good in circumstances instead of focusing on the bad. Make your plans, begin to work and then expect for your needs to be met to make it a reality, to become aparent or real. It is not easy but we must do that or we will sink in hopelesness.

I am choosing to make some changes on my way of thinking and to hang on to hope, to expect something good always and to work not matter what happens around me.

I know that there are better times ahead of me and not because we have a new President but because today I choose to trust that I have the power to change my present circumstances and to create something great.

We are at a dawn of change. Think about it like it is up to you, that you have been blessed with many gifts and talents and just like our new President is going to use his, we are also called to use ours to move not only this nation but our life and ultimately the world to a better tomorrow.