Your Thoughts on Aging

25 09 2008

I visited Paulo Coelho’s blog and he posed an interesting question to its readers. It has to do with our thoughts on aging and how people today seem to look and do things young people do. The reality is that we are more empowered over our body and mind as we age and that helps us stay young longer. I’ve heard many times that people feel very young inside and that many times reflects on the outside. Science is also helping us along and if we work out and watch what we eat that will help us even more.

I don’t feel my age and at this point in my life I feel more vital and energetic than I did when I was twenty. Confidence has a lot to do with our looks as well and that is something that we gain with life experience. But what I would like to know are your thoughts on aging as well, feel free to go to Paulo’s blog and answer his question or if you prefer let me know here. Either way it is a chance to share with others how you have handled this issue and how good or bad are you doing in the process.



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25 09 2008

mi filosofia cuando iba a cumplir mis 40: mira atras y recuerda cuando tenias 20 anos. entonces alguien de 40 era una persona mayor. Pues ahora 20 anos luego, ?quien es una persona mayor? pues una de 60 porque definitivamente no soy yo a los 40.
fijate que hay 20 anos de diferencia en los dos ejemplos. recuerda TODO lo que has hecho y logrado en 20 anos. pues ahora tienes otros 20 anos para repetir lo que te gusto, desacerte de lo que no te gusta y todavia vienes cargando y aventurarte a hacer lo que querias y no podias. esta vez empiezas con mas achaques pero lo compensas con la ventaja economica y la SABIDURIA. asi que cuando cumpli mis 40 firmemente me hize a la idea de que empezaba en 20 de nuevo. con esa filosofia estoy disfrutando mis 40 mil veces mas que mis 20. con todo y los achaques no cambio juventud por sabiduria. acabo de cumplir 28 por segunda vez y veo los 50 como los nuevos 30. me encantan mis canas y no las escondo. fisicamente me veo 10 anos mas joven y si no tuviera el problema del peso estoy segura que me veria 20 anos mas joven. claro que debo anadir que a los 42 anos me entregue al Senor y eso ha hecho una gran diferencia. asi que arriba corazones!!

25 09 2008
Manuel Mendoza

Well we are more aware then our folks were . We as the Baby boomers,don’t wnt to settle for less,more so when it comes to being young,,most of US,like you my dear frnd ‘Clary’,feel more energetic and Confident to do ,what when we where young,could not fathom the thought that most would not make it past 40 yrs old,,,plus with all our experience ,,,we are more confident to deal with agening,,,

But that to could b an EGO Trip for many of us…
We are mor assure of our capacities then many yrs bk,plus a lot of US,study ask questions without feeling opressed by others,in finding medical wonders to make all or most more Beautiful, or Handsom..
But our inner child crys out of the hurt body most of us have,,but most of us fake that we are in perfect health!!
Great Post mi Amiga del Alma Clary !!!

26 09 2008

I think back to TV shows like Golden Girls that were ground-breaking in presenting 50+ year lifestyles in a new way. They portrayed older age as something to be enjoyed to the fullest.

Having stars like the Rolling Stones, The Who, Madonna still performing is another reminder that growing older doesn’t mean growing less active.

In our present day in many industrialized countries our lesiure time allows us to enjoy life more. Community centers offer tons of programs for socialing and active events for all ages.

To maintain a younger spirit I keep up with current music (especially Asian, Reggae, Soca, and various Latino flavours such as Cumbia and Tejano). The energies refresh my spirit and keep life full of refreshing waves…

30 09 2008

I didn’t consider the issue of aging very much until very recently. I turned 26 this past week and although I know that’s very young to most people, to me it was quite a milestone. I am now “approaching thirty” and it has become easy for me to get a little depressed thinking about it. But the more I speak with older women, the more I hear the great and positive aspects of being middle-aged. I am dealing with the aging issue by hanging around and talking with older people who have an uplifting perspective on aging.

4 10 2008

I think when people feel younger inside this reflects over the outside because soul, body and mind can’t be separated so it’s about person’s perspective + of course the kind of nutrition he/she have.

As for aging itself I see it from a quiet different perspective; am i wiser or not and I’ve elaborated over this point within my blog in the post entitled “Grow Up” so feel free to visit it anytime.

p.s. I think women stop @ 21 😛

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