Are you living the life you imagined?

20 09 2008

This morning I began my day just like any other day; I check my e-mails then check what’s new on Yahoo! and blogs around. This blog entry just got my attention, how many of us are living the life we imagined 2, 5, 10 years ago? Do we even bother to reflect upon it?

“For some, life is something to experience to the fullest. For others, life is nothing more than a blip in time. And to others, life is something they are constantly trying to escape. I don’t know what group most people fall into, but I would not be surprised if most fall into the last two groups. If this is true, at what point do individuals stop trying to live life and just move into the daily grind? At what point do individuals stop imagining a life worth living? When do they just give up on their dreams?” (Excerpt from the blog)

I believe we begin looking at life as something to be experienced to the fullest, then slowly life becomes nothing more than a blip in time and for some people end up being something they try to escape.

I compare it to a riptide that if we don’t know how to handle it, it may not only take us into deeper waters but will drown us in the process.

Life is pretty much like knowing how to handle the riptides; first we need to know nature and identify our strengths and weakness against it. We have power over many things in life but we need to how to exercise that power to our advantage. I know that many times we sabotage ourselves either by lack of knowledge, fear or just plain lack of self-love.

In order for anything to be created (our life included) we need to imagine it, it is all in the mind and our ideas way before we get busy creating our handiwork. It is a shame many of us don’t realize we have a say in the many facets that shapes our life. We can’t control all circumstances but we can do wonders with them. It is like driving through an unknown town or country, we don’t know how the road is going to be and as it present itself to us on the way to our destination we travel it to the best of our ability.

I will have to strongly agree to what this article says about the many aspects of our life and what it ultimately does to our happiness. Career, work, family, friends and relationships it all impact us in the overall make up of our life. We definitely need to simplify it all and the way to do it is by keeping in mind what is really essential in our life and eliminating what is not. One way to do it is by choosing career, work and relationships that uplift our mind and spirit. I believe that it is only when we do what we love and spend time with whom truly love us for who we are and not for who they want us to be or do for them, that we really start living the life we imagine.

Are you living the life you imagined?



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21 09 2008
Phil I

Great blog Clary. Unforseen circumstances always keep many from their vision of their futures. Relationships, positive and negative and deaths of family and friends redirect our course in ways we really don’t anticipate. However, if we have realistic goals and a good sense of who we are, the chances of fufilling our dreams are that much closer. Have a wonderful week filled with happiness and many smiles.

22 09 2008

No one thought I would live to see 20, but now I have doubled that, so the fact that I am living is not what was dreamed at 16. LOL!

At points in my life I have dreams and sometimes they work out and other times they don’t.

I have reached the end of this phase. Now begins the transition to the next chapter. New dreams, new goals and slight hestition as I leap toward the unknown.

22 09 2008

wonderful blog…thank you. Like shimmers of light in darkness.

22 09 2008
Syed Shahid Ali

I have an innate love and respect for the big picture, the cosmic hologram. So when that hologram speaks to me through synchronicities, I listen. Earlier, the problem, though, was that I didn’t act on what I had heard. I used to go on my merry way, figuring that my way is the only and the best way.

My challenge, then, was to acknowledge that the synchronicity wasn’t just the voice of the larger picture; it was also the voice of my inner oracle. Now, if I don’t understand the message message of synchronicity, I don’t just dismiss it. I try to interpret it in same way that I might a dream. who are the major players ? Does the event involve names ? Numbers ? A current situation ? What’s the message?

Once I opened myself to the deeper reality from which synchronicities spring, it was impossible to ever go back to the way things were. So I opened myself and used the wisdom, knowing that it is really my wisdom.

Once I became conscious of how my deepest beliefs create my experiences, then this process appealed to me in a big way. With my abundant optimism and focus on the future, I started having become familiar with the process.

I have started to live more in tune with my future.

I really do agree with this quotation of you Clary:

“I believe that it is only when we do what we love and spend time with whom truly love us for who we are and not for who they want us to be or do for them, that we really start living the life we imagine.”

22 09 2008
James A Woods

I recently re-connected with several old friends through through MySpace and Facebook. It’s easy to see that over the last 15 years or so, we’ve all gotten caught up in the day-to-day system of living.

I’m a fairly average guy, and I’m okay with that. But when I see everyday circumstances beating the life out of old friends who had really high hopes for their future, it makes me want to do so much more with my life than I have thus far.

27 09 2008

Subconscious patterns and fears often block us from living the life we imagine. Then we wonder why our power of visualisation doesn’t manifest the outcomes we expect. I believe we need to work on clearing those issues so they don’t sabotage us. I also have found that I can manifest best when I let go of the outcome – as long as I cling and have an emotional investment in the outcome I remain blocked. Those things that I can see clearly and then surrender are the things that come true. That surrender, letting go, is one of the hardest things in the universe to do!

3 10 2008

I consider it very important not just to imagine what we want but to actually believe that it is happening right now.

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