9/11 Never Forget

11 09 2008

Today all the TV stations, radios and newspapers will remind us of this tragic day seven years ago. I just wonder if we should continue to dwell in the past or just honor those who tragically died that day in a better manner.

I don’t forget that day and remember the lost not only today but any other day of the year. I just can’t understand how dwelling in such a painful day helps anyone. There is no need to relive those moments we lived seven years ago with a display of the events year after year, to me that is torture specially to those who were directly affected. This is the reason why I’m not even putting a picture with this entry, do we need to see those images again?

Today I will take the time to remember the lost and their families in prayer, then I will pray that the nation doesn’t forget that it was founded “under God” and release to Him the turmoil of our hearts and ask for its protection.

In my house there will be no TV watching to rekindle painful memories, we must look forward and not back. I believe we have learned our lesson from all of this, to dwell in it will be giving the terrorist exactly what they wanted; to get us on our knees, to tear apart our heart, for some of us to stir hate and vengeance, to disturb our peace. We should not fall into their mind games. We are not like them.



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11 09 2008

Let’s remember that it was only 7 years ago that the world was in disbelieve that such a terrorist act could happen on US soil.
The world has lost some of its luster and innocence since then but we must try to raise the bar for making the world a better place to live in again. The war against terror continues…a battle that must be fought.

12 09 2008

Amen Clary.

Admittedly I did turn on the news at 8:45 am but strangely I too felt that maybe there is a better way to honour those who perished – not only the ones who died that day, but also those who died afterwards from injuries and illnesses caused by the fires and debris clouds.

What I appreciated this year was that both of the networks that I tuned to (one in Canada and one is USA) did NOT show the planes hitting the buildings nor the buildings collapsing.

Next year construction will be far enough along on the new “Freedom Tower” that this type of ceremony will not be held at “Ground Zero”.

A moment of silence on the day, and rebuilding and moving on with our lives is the greatest tribute we could give those who died.

12 09 2008
James A Woods

“…do we need to see those images again?”

Absolutely. Here’s why:
1. We need to see the cost of freedom. Anything worth having is worth paying a high price for. Images of 9/11 help us understand what that price is.
2. We need to see the extent of some mens’ hatred for the US. We’re different from other areas of the world, and some xenophobe out there will always be willing to use violence against us.
3. We need to see the result of God’s judgment. No matter how much we might want to deny the hand of God in 9/11, the fact remains that the US govt has made some bad choices. Not only did the US create a Frankenstein’s monster in Bin Laden (when we used him against Russia during the Cold War), our govt also wrongly made some very bad men very angry (the governments of Iran and Syria). While there is no evidence of who hired Bin Laden to carry out the attacks, these powers are the likely candidates. America has come to reap waht she has sown.

22 10 2008

Indeed! It’s important to look forward not backword, however what’s important while looking backword is to learn from the mistakes that happen however my heart is with all victimes within the last 7 years not only 9/11!

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