Moments of Silence

9 09 2008

A few days passed by and I can’t find a theme to write about, usually it is something I want to share with you; an experience, a question, an opinion, a dream or desire but lately I’m just floating above myself waiting for something to happen. That time hasn’t come. So in order not to wait too long before I lose you, I decided to tell you what is going through me.

I’m definitely attracting like minds to me and that is a consolation, for a while it gets really lonely if I can’t find people who speak the same language I do. At the same time I’m finding myself in a deep reflection mode in order to find my path to enlightenment. I need to make more time to quiet my mind and for some reason -with all the responsibilities and worries- it has been impossible. I need the sea, today I’ll go and seat in front of it. I can’t wait any longer. I guess I need to do what my dad taught me; “stand before it, give it all your worries and problems and let it carry them faraway from you.” he told me one day while I was contemplating the waves come in the shore.

We all need those moments of silence where not only we can be with ourselves but we can connect to the mind of God. Nobody said it will be easy but it will be worth it. Without silence our mind and soul grows weary.

Do you have moments of silence? Why or why not? What do you get from them?



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11 09 2008

Thank you for your comment on my blog. It moves me greatly to know that there are people listening, watching, and understanding the way I feel.

In terms of moments of silence, I have them frequently, in fact I doubt I would function without them. In a world that moves so fast as our days trundle by, it is only natural for the thinkers to retreat into their own space, their own worlds. These times cause great reflection, they enable dreams to grow and blossom, but unfortunately there are times when silence can be deafening…

Be kind to yourself.

1 10 2008
Manuel Mendoza

I Would say One should have there days or moments of Silence to reflect ,
If one does not,many things aren’t explore’d or thought out the way things sould be or not.
We as Humans need that space of REFLECTION, Or MEDITATION
It is prt of our nature to ask ourselves if what we are going ,or are bout to do is right,its a benefit,its a given ,its just prt of us..So Many Questions to pounder
and hopefully get a certain anwser..
Sometimes its just a place to be with your self without thinking of any thought what so ever,,,
As Children most of us had our secret place which we went to,to feel rejuvinated ,,,or thinks things out..
And some other folk would rather b with other folk to be heard!!
Great Post /Blogg mi Clary del Alma!!!

3 10 2008

Hi. I saw your comment on paulo’s site and was intrigued. You have a nice site here. I’ll subscribe.

3 10 2008

Thanks for visiting!! I’ll look forward to more visits and comments. Feel right at home!

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