Sarah Palin – Mixed Feeelings

5 09 2008

I have to admit it, I am not big on women holding big offices in government. I listened to Sarah Palin’s acceptance speech and I have to admit she seems like a good person but my intuition tells me otherwise. Perhaps I’m still thinking about the fiasco with the first Puerto Rican governor who put the whole island into a halt because she needed to get all the crap out of the government offices. It was true, there is a lot of corruption there but you don’t stop everything in order to clean house, the result was a disaster for the economy of Puerto Rico and still to this day it hasn’t got back to normal.

Women operate at a different level and their way of thinking is more sensitive to the people, we are able to analyze problems and situations from a different perspective which at times can be good. But at the same time that we are capable to rise to such high offices I worry about the message that it will send to women in general. To me family is the most important and powerful endeavor a women can overtake, to put a job before that it can’t be good for them. There is no doubt that we are entitled to develop our gifts and talents to the fullest and that eventually our kids will leave us since they are not our own, but at the ages that Sarah’s kids are right now they need her more than ever.

I don’t agree with the critics on her morals standards and how good she is implementing them in her own family when they speak about her daughter’s decision to be sexually active. We can’t be judged by our children’s actions since everyone is free to do what they please. Sarah taught her what she was supposed to, but there is no way you can control another individual. I have taught my children the same way she has but there comes a point when their actions are not longer our responsability but theirs, that is what we are called to do, to raise responsible individuals. I admire her for supporting her daughter and not force her into having an abortion.

Another message I see coming from all of these women in power deal is men position in society. I appreciate men who support their wives in their goals and dreams but when I see a man holding a baby in his arms while his wife is speaking to the nation I see a role reversal that it is very hard to get used to. Mr. Mom is getting more and more popular these days and even though I believe in the father’s involvement in raising their children the image of them being sustained by their wives while they stay home with the kids is not for me. I know it is necessary in a case like this for the well being of the kids but the role reversal is depriving kids of a very important component for their development, their mom’s nurturing.

I have a lot to sort out; from my beliefs and values to the best candidate to provide the kind of leadership and representation to my ideals for this nation are. Our vote should be a reflection of who we are and what we stand for, we are giving power to individuals to perform certain jobs for us and our country and we need to be careful who we choose.

What is your opinion?



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9 09 2008
Dave Q.

I think I like Sarah Palin. She won me over with her acceptance speech. I underestimated her. She seems like a strong willed person mote than capable of handling the duties of VP.

But unfotunately, where I am undecided is between McCain and Obama. Palin as McCain’s VP choice is appealing, but it didn’t decide anything for me. And Joe Biden is as interesting or inspiring as watching paint dry.

Sometimes I wish there were a 3rd option…

9 09 2008

Thanks for sharing your thoughts Dave, she does have her way speaking.

10 09 2008

Clary, I agree with you that a mother of five will have a hard time giving her kids the attention they need, while holding the second most powerful position in the world. I would add that the wife of a President would also have a hard time caring for her children. Unfortunately, many Americans do not see this as much of an issue, since they are living in households where both adults work.

I think that we have not yet seen the damage to the rising generations that have been raised in a house where both parents spend most of their time away from the home.

There are a number of societal woes that are at least partially a result of the breakdown of traditional families. For Instance: increased abortions, drug use, promiscuous sex, atheism, declining test scores and the general breakdown of manners and civility in post-modern America.

After the sexual revolution, the feminist revolution and the so-called progress that came with it, Americans found themselves with no foundation to stand on. All the baby boomers knew was to trust noone over thirty and that they must follow their dreams – even if those dreams would lead them through three divorces, six kids, twenty jobs, and any number of religious and ideological movements of the day.

As the fire has cooled in the last forty years, we are in the same spot that we started in, in the 60’s – except, I believe, we have not taken any steps forward – we have only made advancements in individuality, which appears to be the next religious movement along with the church of atheism.

So, where does this leave us in the 2008 election. The majority of us are liberatarians – we want to live our lives with as little governmnet intervention as possible. For example, if I was born poor, I want to be able to work hard and not have the government step in when I am 18 and start giving me a paycheck.
The Churh and private organizations need to help those that truly need help. If we give the government responsibility to feed, clothe and care for us – they can take it away or change the policy whenever they wish. No one can take (minus taxes) what you earn by the sweat of your brow.

My mother raised five boys while working part time on and off. She also deals with a life long illness. She could not have been VP. Sarah Palin has five kids – one with Down Syndrome – she runs 5 miles per day, hunts, fishes, plays sports, speaks well, and just seems to have it all together. I believe that she could do the job well.

I must say this is just one man’s opinion.

17 09 2008

I agree with most of your points. Traditional and conservative roles are changing. This is where individual free will is the right of every one.

Thanks for writing such a nice blog.


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