Baby Boy

6 08 2008

(Happy birthday Erek!!)

Baby Boy you turn eighteen
What a joy
What a happy, happy day!

There is so much
I want to share
With the little boy
Who now becomes
A fine young man

How hard it is for me
Not to rock you
In my arms
And in my hand hold
Your tiny hands

The time flew by
Before I knew it
And now I stand
Watching you build
Your own life dreams

I’ll always be
Right by your side
When you need me
To guide and cheer you up
All your years

How soon you crawled
Right out the crib
And now perceive
The world with speed
As I look back at memories
Of you and me

How sweet it was
When you embraced me
With your little arms
Around my neck
As I felt like
The luckiest mom alive

Forever be my baby boy
Sweet and tender
Full of joy

On this your day
And always
May God bless
Keep you safe
Mom will love eternally
My precious baby boy

Clary Lopez ~ August 6, 2008



9 responses

6 08 2008
David Reyes

Congratulations Mami!!!!!!!!

6 08 2008
Barbara Hernandez

wow!!!! clary precioso me trajo recuerdo el ver las foto asi los deje de ver. bye saludos

7 08 2008
Phil I

Just beautiful. May all his birthdays be happy ones Clary.

7 08 2008

Beautifully Said…my oldest just turned 20 on 7/29…so your words really hit home…thank you for sharing.


7 08 2008

It sure is an emotional time in my life but one I’m proud of. Thank you for stopping by and leaving me a comment, it means a lot to me.

8 08 2008
Manuel Mendoza

Your Son is Very Bless to Have you as a Mother,Friend,Teacher…
He will inlist all you have taught him to his children when he gets there.
You were given the same Awesome Beautiful Love from your Mother,,
which shows that you were brought up to respect,teach,lead,be a friend,when need be,,
He was ready the day you gave him Love,and all you learned over the yrs frm your parents to PPL,that have influence you ,as well inspired you to be the very best .
Your Children are ahead of many who were not given that love,understanding,and all that comes with being a great citizen,not just in the world but in Family too!!
Clary my sweet Amiga del Alma ,Love this Post!!

9 08 2008
John Reed

Thanks! Really funny. I wish i could spend my time on writing articles…just have no time for it.

9 08 2008
Manuel Mendoza

My frnd ‘Clary’,this Poem,is a Mother to a Child,
the Deep Emotions,Deep Feelings, Sharing with others Of Your Special Bond You Have, & Where Given By Your Parents To You,
and When You Give/Share that Love,,it Grows & continues to Flourish.
And comming to an Understanding ‘Of Letting Go’,
but a Bond of Unlimited Love,Never Ending,,,,,,,,,,,,

10 08 2008

Hello Manuel, faithful friend, thanks for your kind words.

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