Girls Night Out

4 08 2008

I told you about my planned Girls Night Out the other day, we had a very good time watching Mama Mia! and then heading on to Applebee’s aftewards for dinner.

It is interesting to get together with other ladies and find yourself in the middle of their lives. There were interesting conversations about so many things, but what I enjoyed the most was the chance to see how our lives are similar and different in so many ways. Each one of us is going through some challenges as women in this world and the decisions we make in our life. Conflicts can be resolved in so many different manners and the results varies according to our actions. I guess at the end it is the end result we are looking for which will determine the manner we are going to handle each situation.

We all concluded that jealousy is a sign of insecurity and one that can ultimately destroy a relationship. We need to be empowered in our relationships letting others know who we are instead of trying to please everyone trying to keep the peace around us, if we do there will peace around us but turmoil deep inside of us.

Time flies by when you are having fun and while drinking and eating together we managed to put some of our daily tensions aside for a while. It will be wonderful if we could do this at least once a month without getting into any kind of major situation when we arrive home, I realize that will be a challenge to some of us.

Do you have a regular Girls Night Out? What places do you like to go to and what brings you the most joy?



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