Awake the Mind

31 07 2008

It has taken me years to be where I am right now with my writing and the manner in which my words flow from my heart through my mind and then to the paper and yet I can’t understand the whole process. For some reason in the past weeks the flow is not there, something is blocking it and I would like to know what it is. At the beginning I felt sad and hurt, now I don’t feel a thing, I’m an empty shell. I wish I knew how to shake off this feeling of numbness and move on but I don’t, all I can do is push myself to go on and write whatever comes to mind at this moment.

Tonight I’m going to have a Girls Night Out and go see the movie Mama Mia!, I hope that helps. I always dream to travel to Greece so any movie that present vistas of it uplight my heart and put a smile on my face. In addition ABBA’s music will transport me to good times in my life.

I know I need to do is remind myself of the good in everything I’m living at this moment, to be thankful for the little blessings and for those around me who love me no matter what. I believe we lose sight of what really matters when we focus on what we want instead of what we have instead. These are very hard times financially for most everyone and one tend to lose hope in the future and what it will bring, but instead we should be looking for a way out and be creative as we find our way out of the maze.

Clary Lopez, author of Simplicity, Richness of Life



4 responses

31 07 2008

I am just discovering my interest in writing, and I think it must be wonderful to have the experience where the words just flow onto the page. But it must be so hard when that stops happening. Good luck, and if anything is going to put a smile on your face Mamma Mia will!

31 07 2008
Phil I

Have a great night out Clary. Enjoy. Wishing you a wonderful weekend. All the best.

1 08 2008

Mspennylane, you were right! The movie put a big smile on my face. Thanks for your visit and comment.

Thank you Phil, same to you.

13 08 2008
The Dream Wizard

Hello Clary! When I feel like you do, I definitely agree that taking time to remember the good things helps an awful lot. I try to think of everythinh in my life I am grateful for as I drop off to sleep, and then my dreams are infused with joy and hope and wonder, and it invariably helps me feel better when I wake the next morning! Sometimes then dreams even contain messages as to wha I should physically do to put myself right – phone my Mum, do some exercise, get out into nature, whatever. Hope you’re feeling in the flow again soon! 🙂

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