Randy Pausch dies at 47

25 07 2008

Randy Pausch, Carnegie Mellon University professor and author of The Last Lecture passed away this morning. My prayers today go to his family and friends who in him have lost a great man, friend, son, brother, husband, father and most of all a great inspiration to us all.

I wrote a blog entry a few months back when I learned about the professor’s story who moved millions to listen to his message. You can read it here: On Facing Death.

I listened to his Last Lecture and it confirmed what I have believed for so long, life is more than material possesions, it is about making our dreams come true and holding on to what really matters in life; love, health, values, faith, hope.

Unlike Randy, many of us don’t have the minor idea of when our time will come but we know one day it will. I would really hate for that day to come and not have accomplished my goals and dreams. I realize that not all of them are meant to be but many of them are. We need to push harder, to work a little bit more, to tune in to our inner self more in order to find out how to do this.

The Last Lecture came about when at Carnegie Mellon University professors were asked to think about what matters to them most and give a hypothetical final talk. I believe it is a brilliant idea to do something like this at any stage of our life, it will force us to stop and think where our life has been and where is going.

If you were asked to write your Last Lecture what would it say? I’m sure I will be thinking of composing mine very soon.

Thank you Randy Pausch, your life mattered and your memory, great teaching and example will inspire many for generations to come.

Clary Lopez, author of Simplicity, Richness of Life



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26 07 2008

Thanks for the info. The only consolation is knowing that he’s moved on to a better place, but I certainly feel for his family.

26 07 2008
Barry Lauterwasser

I’ve travelled several countries….seen cultures…and can tell you that life is rooted in just BEing…. It doesn’t matter what you have, or where you are, it’s about BEing in the moment, in the life you live, savoring it, treasuring it…not looking for the meaning or the purpose…it IS what it IS…you can search for it..but it’s always there for you…just stop and BE…you never have to look another moment for the treasures in life…

They’re in a breeze, a smile, a sunset, a bike ride or walk…sitting on a beach…simple things…I think Mr. Pausch realized..so many are yearning for…I have two children…my daughter and I have had “dates” every day this week as she is out of school for the summer… I have my own small, start-up..and could be making calls and slaving away in the office, but I’ve dedicated each afternoon to her this week…and it’s been amazing…simple stuff…lunches…shopping…making up stupid songs…I reached a new level with my pre-teen this week…crazy stuff…

We are human BEings…not human Doings…take pleasure in BEing…and don’t put too much emphasis on DOing… The American Indians had it right…study their lives and I think we all would find little treasures we could mix into our culture..

What fantastic passing Mr.Pausch has had… motivated all this attention to the positive in life… It’s a paradox that perhaps so much good MAY come from death…if we allow it..


26 07 2008

I was also deeply moved by his words and courage. I am glad that he was able to live long enough to record it for his children and for us. A great man has passed away.

26 07 2008

Yes, thank you for letting us know. I saw him on Oprah and he has a powerful message and example of getting through life with grace.

26 07 2008

What sad news that is. He was an inspiration to so many people.

‘Brick walls are there for a reason,’ he said. I’ll always remember that one.

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