Guided by Intuition

24 07 2008

We drown under pressure, life changes, sickness and challenges that help us develop new state of mind. Trying to find solutions and maintain some kind of estability awakes an inner ear able to communicate to us what our next move should be in order to survive, some people call it intuition. Sometimes we listen, sometimes we don’t. There is a way and manner to go about developing this kind of intuition that will help us navigate the complex issues of daily life. It is important that we have a foundation to build upon in order to obtain the best benefit of this valuable gift. I call it a gift because it is given to us freely and it is up to us to accept it and learn to utilize it properly.

In my experience the first thing we need to do in order to connect to our intuition is to be silent, taking time to get to know what our mind and soul transmit takes time and dedication. We need to communicate to God, sometimes he whispers and others he shouts, but if we are not opened to this communication we won’t hear a thing.



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25 07 2008

What some call intuition, I call the Holy Spirit. And for those who are in tune, it’s a wonderful blessing. There have been times when I haven’t listened to that small still voice, and have paid the price later. But when I did listen and obeyed, I was greatly rewarded. It’s definately a gift that keeps giving! Humbling oneself to God and moving past selfish pride is life’s great lesson.

*Hi Clary, I hope your travels take you to San Diego, CA. As I’ve mentioned to you in the past, it’s called America’s Finest City for good reason. Enjoy your summer’s journey and God bless you and your family. Write on my friend. 🙂

25 07 2008

Thanks for your visit and comment Phil. I hope to make it to California next year.

25 07 2008
Manuel Mendoza

Intuition,is as vital as water is to air,in a different scope of Thinking!
Intuition has ,in my experience help or benefited me many of times,(You must
learn to listen), That is True.. For Intuition is another form of Communication our father frm Heaven gave us this Beautiful gift,that few use,and few know what it is at all.In any situation that you as an individual are going thru it helps to pay attention to what is going on,,,,Stop,Rationalize,and Do,,at times deppending what is going on at the present moment things may not be there
to give you that solution that you are seeking to establish, and even on a clear day,you mind may not be up to the task at hand,,You must be Open,to the Experience to achieve what needs to be establish,or confronted ,,,,,

Thank You mi Querida Clary,I hope To learn more then You know by being there with your mom,and got nurish by all you gathered thru your frndship with your mom,,,And You kept that experience in your heart ,for later useage
to benefit you and all those that will cross your path of ENLIGHTMENT of DISCOVERY,,that all of Us Have Come To Learn From You mi Querida Clary
Que Dios Te Quede Seimpre en Tu Camono ,de Exito y Felizida y Amor,,,
Muchos Besitos para mi querida Amor Amiga Clary !!!

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