Dark Nights

15 07 2008

“Your dark night teaches you the truth of the moon. Life is not intended to be only solar, and indeed the cool, blue shadows of the moon have a special beauty. You can live in that beautiful glow, that light shaded by painful experiences and doubts and lack of understanding. Life is often more buoyant there than it is in solar brilliance.”
– from Dark Nights of the Soul by Thomas Moore

It is in the dark, on those moments when nothing seems to make sense or that numb our senses, where we finally dig deep in order to bring forth our essence. Everything that lives deep beneath our mind, beneath the walls we plaster over our soul in order to protect the tender areas of our being. We are never safe from the perils life send our way all we can do is face them, if we shy away from them we end up living a meaningless existence. It is in trials and challenges that we begin to live in the manner we are called to live and to stand for our dreams and values. It is the moment when our true colors shine through.

We stand before the mirror and many times don’t recognize the face we see, it is the reality that time and circumstances have changed us not only inside but outside as well. Perhaps we have lost that optimism and good sense of humor in the day to day dealing with circumstances we have been forced to live. Resistance can make up a lot of intolerable moments in our life that we prefer not to live but there is only one way to handle that situation; facing it. It makes take us days, weeks or years but it is ultimately the only way to cross to the other side.

Tell me about your Dark Night experience.

Clary Lopez, author of Simplicity, Richness of Life



2 responses

16 07 2008
Manuel Mendoza

A Rude Awakening ,when one sees themselve in the mirrow,and wondering how time has one,by,,You reflext the choise you made,that changed your journey
to sur pass the ‘Dark Nights’,,,
One as well see all the things that pass bye ,either they were great choises or totally wrong!!
But I for my self have acheive some of my fears,in me,but yet there is a few more to go. Very few of Us have REALLY Achiev all our Fears in life,some say they have,but in reality ,they cover up their humanity,and then become fools to themselves or other PPL,one comes in Contact with!!
Life is an ever changing Journey for everyone in this world,,
You either step up to the plate ,or resign,that you are not able to deal with reality at all…
and stop fibbing others that you have achieve,by not looking like a FOOL!!!

24 07 2008
Phil I

Very nice thought provoking blog Clary. Thanks for sharing it.

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