The Body of the Soul

6 07 2008

Body and soul, two very important components of human nature but totally ignored by many of us along our life. It is so much easier to attend to what we see than to what we don’t see and yet, neglecting the body of our soul soon reflects upon our physical body. No wonder many medical doctors are beginning to realize the body-soul connection to illness and recovery of their patients. Our body is the reflection of our soul. That’s why dead people don’t look the same way when they were alive, because the soul is no longer part of their physical body.

Our physical body is a mere instrument to do and move about our human existence. It should also be at the service of our soul and the divine promptings which it receives. It is through the senses that our physical world nurtures the soul and somehow transforms the simple into the sublime. It is important to notice that all of our senses must have room in our daily life. A beautiful place close to nature can be both a place of torment and a place of rest. I’m not sure if our personality has anything to do with the way we react to our surroundings and what satisfy our soul but to me personally time to enjoy not only the color, sounds and textures of what surrounds me helps me connect my body to my soul.

I’ve spent three days in my parent’s country home, a beautiful place full of the sounds of nature; birds, horses, chickens and more. Somehow all of that was overshadowed by the busyness and the noise of a radio and TV from sunrise to sundown, I was growing weary. The lack of time to be able to go within, to listen to my thoughts and reflect on my reading was slowly sipping the enthusiasm out of me. Today my mom didn’t turn on the TV and decided to sit outside to read. Perhaps she listened to me saying that I couldn’t have noise all day long so she is sacrificing herself giving me the chance to really enjoy my time here. What a difference silence makes in my daily living. I hear the birds singing, the lawnmower while my dad works and I smell the fresh cut grass. At one point I take my camera a go around taking pictures of the fruit trees on the property. Sight, sound and smell, all let’s me know that I’m alive, that there is life around me providing me with the necessary stimulation to feel human and creative. It is impossible to live in total silence but fragments of silence throughout the day can make wonders on the way I feel.

When we don’t attend to the body of our soul our life continues but not to the fullness of its potential. There is always a nagging feeling that something is missing. The soul, that part of our nature that has the capability to communicate to its creator, begins to slowly become weaker and at the same time begins to demand our attention. We realize our full potential when we finally begin to care and nurture the body of our soul and when we align the physical with the spiritual.

Clary Lopez, author of Simplicity, Richness of Life