Dealing with Emotions and Circumstances

5 07 2008

Our life is shaped by the experiences we live and how we deal with our emotions and circumstances. Two people could have the same thing happen to them and have a different outcome according to their reaction to it. One could be crushed while the other is propelled to look for new ways to overcome their situation and create something positive.

Emotions are powerful and they are meant to stir in us a sense of being alive, they move us to act. They can make us feel happy, sad, compassionate, and enthusiastic. The person who is unable to let their emotions flow is usually an unhappy individual, their emotions build up to the bursting point unto the surface of their daily life like an exploding volcano.

The way we approach challenges and changing circumstances shape the magnitude of the impact it will have on our emotions. The mind is the one that begins to form the ideas that will help us act later on to make it a reality.

In dealing with emotions and circumstances it is important to know that many times we have no control over circumstances but we can control our emotions if necessary. Because our emotions are so volatile we must know to distinguish when going with our emotions is the right thing to do. It won’t be easy at times to go against our emotions but at the end it will be the best decision we ever make in our life. To be at the mercy of our emotions is to forever be on a roll-a-coaster ride unable to get off. Getting off the ride every once in a while will give us the chance to experience a certain level of stability and them a thrill when we decide to go back on.

How do you deal with your emotions and circumstances?



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5 07 2008
Juan Jose Montes

Hi Claribel, there isn’t a better way to explain emotions and circumtances.. as you put it on the second paragraph of your blog. My true opinion is that if people evaluate both deeply, they will definatley end up making the right decitions in life. I think going with our emotions, if in a positive situation, is the right thing to do!.
Cheers, JJM

5 07 2008
Manuel Mendoza

‘ Emotions and Circumstances’,as one of many who write Poetry,with Deep
Emotions,its a Rollercoaster non-stop,,,
For me and many othere artist the circumstances of our art,is express with
more deep thought,emotions,a sensual touch and lots of deep passion,.
The circumstances of our being,is better express much better thru our work,
then in normal circumstances of communicating,. Most of us are shy in our demour,. We can not express ourselvesin a Normal tune..
So here is the Reverse where we are more able to control our ‘Emotions’,,
then our Circumstances,,,
Now durning my 23+yrs as a Community Advocate,,’Circumstances are more controllable then the Emotions that have either taken you out of your comfort zone,or the reality of the situation that is takening place,is way
over whelming to you,plus many times it’s been a Rude Awakening of the events that are ocurring at the moment.
Well my dear Clary ,you are” Awesome”,in everything you do
May God Bless You in Everything You Do,and where ever You Go,,,
My dear Beautiful Clary,,,,,,,,,lov an kisses to you

Hope your mom is doing well ,my prayers to you both and family too!!

5 07 2008

That each of us reacts in a unique way to the same events is a reflection of the fact that we are each unique in our being. We often complain about the circumstances of our lives, but the fact is that we could randomly (or even deliberately) choose any person in the world to trade places with, and within a week the people who traded places would be begging one another for their old lives back. This is because our unique combination of traits – temperament, passions, etc. – ensures that we will bear unique crosses in this life. The beauty of it, though, is that we are also given unique graces to deal with those unique crosses. No one else can bear our crosses because no one else possesses our particular graces. We are, quite literally, tailor-made for our own lives and our own problems. As overwhelming as that can seem at times, I find it a comforting thought.

As always, God knew what He was doing when He created us. Thanks for the post, Clary. God bless!

8 07 2008
Sherita Searcy

Great post Clary. When you allow your emotions to get the best of you — you tend to forget everything that really matters most. Acting on your feelings can be very detrimental. I now understand the value of wating, listening and analyzing before moving toward action. You hit the button right on the head.

25 11 2008
Sue Wendt

Hi Clary.
I deal with my emotions and circumstances by talking to God about them and then asking his opinion on how i should approach whatever it is that is bothering me or whatever is happening. I just talk to God and unload to him what he already knows anyway and ask for guidance. I know He always has a better approach. So i seek wisdom from above and find direction and fill a lot lighter after prayer. He is always faithful to provide me with strength to do whatever is best. I try to stay open minded and listen and treat others as persons as they speak with me. Thanks for letting me share.

5 08 2014

Yes u r right to how control our emotions and circumstance..

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