Creating Our Destiny

23 06 2008

Destiny, some people think it is an undeniable force that propels us to what we are supposed to be in life. Not counting with our will and effort; what is meant to be, will be. I don’t believe it for a second.

In life we are presented with many different options that affects our life. These opportunities brings us potential carreers, love, our husband or wife and many other things. Not all that is presented to us become part of our reality, because in order to do so we must put some effort integrating it into our life.

I guess the best way to illustrate this is by asking you to think back on your decisions, decisions that shaped your present. Looking back you’ll clearly see what actions took you all the way to where you are right now. There is nothing we can do about the past but to learn from it, not only that, but we many have to live with the consequences of those decisions as well.

If I have learned anything in my years of living it is that we are in a constant evolution of our being. We live, we learn, we grow and continue to do so at so many different levels in our life. We perform certain tasks and responsabilities depending on the life stage we are living at the moment; son or daughter, student, worker, partner in marriage, parenting, seeing our kids leave the nest, reclaiming and recreating our nest, retiring, becoming grandparents, facing sickness and death. The reality is that we can’t be the same person throughout all those stages, we develop and utilize different gifts, talents and attitudes that will help us navigate each one them. Some people see change as a threat, they want everything to stay the same including those around them. It’s an impossibility. If we are alive and growing in any way, (physical, mental or spiritual) we are changing. Try to put a stop to our growth and we’ll only become frustated and depressed.

Destiny is something we create moment by moment as we move along the path of life. We might have taken the wrong turn many times, but then again, there are many routes to arrive at the same destination.



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23 06 2008

Hi Clary-

I enjoy reading your blogs and find that you challenge my thinking and stimulate me.

I have always subscribed to think positive and that I was in control of my life–until a mountain fell on me–and I found out–I can’t always control what happens to me or what decisions other people decide to make.

I still wake up each day with a smile on my face and turn my lemons into lemon aid. LOL

Your the BEST!



23 06 2008

To think that everything is determined as part of our destiny is too rigid, and will leave us lazy and unmotivated to always do better for ourselves. I agree that we create our own destiny, though I also think there is comfort in believing in a higher force than us at the same time. For many this will be God, and people believe they are given freedom as you have said to choose their own path towards their destiny. I do not necessarily have faith in God, but I think I have faith in the world and I believe it is this, as well as my own effort, that creates my destiny.

23 06 2008
Phil I

We have those factors outside our immediate control (destiny perhaps) but those we seem to have control (decisions) that lead us in certain directions. Sometimes our decisions for what we think are insignificant are really life altering and other times the ones we think will really be the difference makers turn out to be quite small when we look back upon them. It’s up to ourselves to sort through them and place their proper significance on them.

23 06 2008

Of course I try to tune in to what God has in mind for me, without him nothing reach its completeness. Thanks so much for your comments.

25 06 2008
Sherita Searcy

Clary, your writing definitely inspires me. It is like breathing in morning dew — so refreshing. My destiny is growing and being nurtured in so many ways. When God sends messengers like you — it reminds me to keep moving forward, improving and reaching out to love others. Never stop being you. Sherita

25 06 2008

Thanks Sherita, it is an honor to be able to transmit with my words anything that matters, it’s God’s gift.

23 08 2009
Michelle Catherine

Dear Clary,

I was searching for answers and stumbled across your blog and I’m so happy that I did. I went with my girlfriends yesterday to see a clairvoyant and we all left with unanswered questions and all 3 of us were more confused then when we had first walked in. This made me question ” Do we create our own destiny”? It’s so easy to search for answers in all of the wrong places when they can only be found within ourselves. I agree with you 100% destiny is something the we create moment by moment, it’s taken me some time to realize this but I’m so grateful that it’s clear to me now.

Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom.

Michelle 🙂

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