Anything Is Possible If You Believe

18 06 2008

NBA Champions Celtics

“Anything is possible,” were Kevin Garnett’s words as they won the NBA Finals 2008 after 22 years. Words couldn’t describe the emotions he felt over the team’s accomplishment last night before the Lakers. “I told you!” were Paul Pierce’s words after receiving his NBA Finals MVP trophy.

We have to believe, we have to visualize our goal already obtained and then we have to give it our ALL no matter what we see happening around us. Everything changes in time if we give enough of ourselves to make things happen.

I noticed how every time they played at home they absorbed all the energy from the fans to win their games, last night was no exception, they drew so much that they managed to win BIG. But before we can draw from others we need to dig deep within and be totally present in order to face the moment. When we open our heart and mind to all the possibilities something magical happens and we suddenly are able to explode our God given talents to the max. I don’t know how to explain it other than we experience Heaven on Earth and that’s what I saw in Garnett last night while he was being interviewed; his physical being was there but his soul was elated to another realm.

Yes, anything is Possible but ONLY if You Believe. Dream, believe and dig deep, it is there and you can make it happen!!!

Congratulations to the NBA Champions 2008, Boston Celtics!!!!!

Kenny Loggins sings If You Believe



2 responses

19 06 2008
Manuel Mendoza

That is True my frnd ‘Clary’,anything is Possible IF You BELIEVE,,My Believening
in my self came in the eary 80’s when I stated to wrk for a Famos Architect in
Los Angeles,CA,thru this man,I met His best Friend,Mr.Bob Hope,,Yes thee Man
Thee phylantropist,Comedien,and Swerd Business Man,& USO for the Military,
& Actor,A Gaint of Giants,what these 2 Men said to me,The wisdom that was Be-
stove upon Me,took bout 4 yrs later to take in effect what I was told in 1982,
to grasp took me by strom,But it was well worth it,I lauch My first Business that
lasted only 3 yrs,but those 3 yrs,I learned More then anything I’ve done Since
up to the Present 2008,June,4 months later in business I got the Biggest account
in my wildest dreams to Get from a gaint Company,,that Company,payed
100,000.00/yr to another Huge world renoun Company to perform a contract
that was going to ‘Only ‘take them 8 months to Do,but they were fed up that the contract was never dealt with,they cancel there contract with that outfit,
I got a call showed up,said I Could do it ,in less then 4 months,or Don’t
Pay me,the full amount,and plus I will give bk what I have receive for the work that was not complete, We wrked a 24/7 with plenty of obsticles,and danger to my People that were there to assist me,,,,it actually took me 3months 9 days to Complete the
Contrat that I BELIEVE That I Could do,,Long Hrs,had to pay out of my Funds to gather out side resources that assisted Me in completening the Contract,,,
And Why Cause IN My Heart and Soul,,,,,,,,,,I Believe That it could be Done,,
When I finisd the job,with my other associates,we were given more then we were going to get,,,My Company lasted 3 yrs….

Thank You in remining me of Any thing is Possible if You Belive,,
Again you are awesome mi amiga del alma,”Clary”,,,,,,

20 06 2008
Sherita Searcy

I missed the final game so thanks for the update Clary. Wow! What an accomplishment. Something amazing happens to your spirit when the underdog wins. Thanks for the reminder. Great post Clary. Sherita Searcy

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