The Power of Belief

15 06 2008


There are powers deep within each and every individual, they were put there by God to be totally transformed and empower to do, create, recreate, accomplish, impact, and fulfill our earthly mission. Many of us live our life ignoring the reasons of our existence, we usually don’t ask ourself the question until a certain stage in our life. Very few find their reason for being early in life, why that is I don’t know.

I have been watching the NBA Finals and one thing that strike me was the last interview with Paul Pierce. He was asked how did they manage to win the game after being 24 points down to the Lakers, at the same time he listened to the question his head slowly began to face up to the ceiling and he pointed upwards acknowledging God and then he said BELIEF. They believed that they could win that game no matter what they were seeing on the score board. Their focus was on believing they could turn things around and they did, winning the game by 6 points. The team that never won a game away from home on the regular season were now making it happen, not only that but they want to win the NBA Championship in California today.

I guess many of us understimate the power of belief in our life. When we believe somehow our mind gather the necessary strength to make things happen. Every action begins in our mind. If we believe something is possible somehow we overlook the obstacles and find the way to reach our goal. The complete opposite happens when we don’t believe, we see every single obstacle and lose hope when we don’t see how to overcome them.

So to the power of belief, for the Celtics that will put it to the test tonight and to all of us who continue to believe that many things are still possible in our life.

Clary Lopez, author of Simplicity, Richness of Life



2 responses

15 06 2008
Sherita Searcy

God created us to be great and believe in the power of our minds — and have the strength to believe that we can do and achieve anything — because we can. Thanks for the reminder. Sherita

17 06 2008
Manuel Mendoza

BeLieve is a Very Strong entity of Human Nature,but few have succeeded in
the terms of acknowledgement that it exist’s.
Many believe its supernaturaul,,that it does not come frm within,but that only
a few are given that talent to produce the arura of ‘Believe’,,,
I learned a long time ago that Believe does exist,I have proof it many times,like most of us here in My frnd ‘Clary’s Blogg. If you do not Believe in thee existence
then everything one has done up to now,does not exist,in a preplex world.
I do believe in GOD,cause I’ve been on both sides of the fence,One could kick you,so that you learn in the process of believe,while thee other will fight you
not to believe that it exist,but that its just an imaginary image,which
does not make any sence whatsoever at all.
Believing in yourself is very important in being able to accomplish your
goals,whether its done today or a later time. And when you believe in yourself oh boy you will see certain things,PPL, start to change around you,but for the
best so that you will be able to declare victory,for that day,,,
cause the next day is back to squar one again,and thanking God for
his support that both were able to succeed in the venture or goal you had
in mind sometime ago…
So believe that you can,it will happen as lomg as you believe in!!!

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