Not Knowing What to Do

9 06 2008

The most difficult thing about dealing with unfamiliar terrain is not knowing what to do. In life we come up to different stages where we need to adjust and change our usual course; health, work, age, financial set backs all have an effect in our daily making decision process. It is not easy to go from the familiar to the unknown.

Anticipation to me is the worst of the emotions in situations when our life is about to change in some respect. A thousand different scenarios runs through our minds and we feel weakened by it. When the moment arrives is not as dramatic as we thought it might be, and at the same time we aren’t as weak as we thought either. We can withstand the blows that life throws at us and even if we fall we can always get up. But it is that moment of indecision that wears us down to the point of exhaustation.



One response

10 06 2008
Sherita Searcy

Your words could not have been more clear and heart felt. It is amazing that the most difficult times in our life — when the blows come– we are knocked off course, but not out. Yet when those blows come more and more, we begin to wonder if we can withstand the rain. I hear your heart. Thanks so much for the speaking my mind. Smile. Sherita

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