Finding a Balance

7 06 2008

We all have moments when we feel out of control, without time, without peace, longing to find a way to make things better. Life has a way to suck us in if we are not watchful of what we do.

We can’t live life pretending that nothing matters and that everything that comes our way deserves of our time and dedication. Time is precious and our mind and soul long to spend time with things that matters, that make a difference, they are the only things that satisfied out hearts.

People dear to our heart, those with whom it is so important to communicate with should be at the top of our list. Time and distance could never destroy our true relationships with those we love. Sometimes the bond might even get stronger because they have been put to the test increasing its endurance.

What do you do when you find yourself off balance? What changes to do you make in order to gain control?



2 responses

7 06 2008
Eric Olsen

Great post and great advice!

We all have limited time in life, and should spend it wisely on the things that are important to use rather than waste is away on things that don’t matter or don’t count.

You’ve got to get what you want out of life because nobody else will do it for you.

Eric 🙂

7 06 2008
Sherita Searcy

When I find myself off balance…I just stop. Sometimes our lives get so busy and we get so consumed with daily tasks that we loose focus on what matters most. I find in times of confusion, I rest more often. Great post.

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