Dreaming Together

3 06 2008

This was the last reflection given at the monastery.

It is important to remember that we are part of this world and that we only have an personal earthly mission but a collective one as well. Unity creates strength and helps us grow as individuals as well as a group with a common goal and purpose. Our accomplishments ultimately impact the world in the great scheme of things.

What are my dreams? What are yours? There is always room for improvement and for new ideas to evolve.

I dream with a world of truth and peace, where masks are unnecessary, where love and acceptance prevails, where understanding is pursued, where knowledge is desired, where we give more than we look to get, where forgiveness abounds. I dream of smiles and laughters, and having someone wipe our tears away. Most of all I dream of a communion within mind, heart and soul.



4 responses

3 06 2008
Phil I

To be a source of joy to family and friends, to inspire them to be their best and kind to others. To make good decisions with little regret, to help those who care when needed, there’s still so much to do yet. I’m no writer like you Clary, as you can see, just trying to be the best I can be.

Thanks for the many great things you do and keep up the great work!!! 🙂

4 06 2008
Roger Jimenez

Very simple, to freely travel the world with my son. Happy writing!!

6 06 2008
Sherita Searcy

It is amazing that you found my entire life mission statement in one paragraph. Amazing post Clary. Have a peaceful day. Sherita

10 06 2008
Manuel Mendoza

My Dearms are just like yours,Hoping,Wishing,and Dreaming of Humanity,to
evolved and all that is True,Good,and Just.
But My Other Dearm,Would B to get Married,and continue with Success,,,
But I’m looking For that Special Woman,That has that Deep Spiritual Enthusiasm
of life,Love,Compassion,Enterprenueralship,Adventurous,Effortless Energy,Witty,
Romantic,A bit Sassy,Loves to Read & Write,Tolerence,Acceptense,Has A Passion
to assist others in there need,or there need to succeed in life,love & relationship
Participating in Civic Duties,and at times just being together is so much love
btween both of us,,,,, But as time goes by we learn frm each other ,
and grow as a Couple,,,,Well that is My Dream,,Some may think it’s foolish,
but that’s there problem,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
Great Blogg/Post Mi Querida Clary,,,GOD BLESS THEE,,in all you do ,,,
Love and Kisses to you!!!

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