Chossing Our Path

2 06 2008

olive pathe

My spiritual retreat weekend served me to nourish my mind and soul. Here is an excerpt of a reflection I wrote on my journal:

I’m walking the grounds and looking not only for a place to sit and rest my back but also a shade. it must be 96 degrees F and I can’t feel comfortable anywhere.

I go from place to place and try to reflect or write. It’s way too hot, and the insects are now biting me. I decide to go back in. As I look at the path before me the road splits in two, one is a short way to where I’m going but it provides no shade. So I choose the long path instead in order to get relieved from the sun on my skin.

I immediately thought of real life situations that might present themselves; there is always a short way and a long way. In our eagerness to get things over with, we sometimes choose the shortest way when in reality the long way would have given us more time reflect upon our decisions and also provide relief along the way. Like the shade from the trees that almost covered all the way on my long path to the monastery.
(end of journal entry)

Taking time to absorb what surrounds us, to listen to our inner voice, to open ourselves to the possibilities, and to open our mind to the unexpected are just some of the benefits of choosing a long path.

Clary Lopez, author of Simplicity, Richness of Life



One response

3 06 2008
Sherita Searcy

I am still trying to search out my path and understand where God is taking me. It is a wonderful journey..much longer than I had anticipated. Smile. Great post. Sherita

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