On My Way to a Journey Within

30 05 2008

lake view
I didn’t sleep well last night, maybe preoccupation, anticipation or the great need I have for this time of solitude.

Today I’ll go to my favorite place in order to withdraw from it all and go within.

It is a time to think only of me, God and the state of my soul. I usually go with a group but this year I had to do it on my own. Perhaps it is the best, in that way I can tailored this time to exactly what I need.

I will spend couple of days in total silence; no radios, no TV, or phones. I will walk in nature, read books, write, pray and take pictures of the area. The pictures you see here are some that I took the last time I was there. This is the first time that I go this late in the year and is going to be very hot to go hiking in the middle of the day, so I will have to do it either early or late in the evening.


In the busy, crazy time that we live today -no matter where you are- we all need times like these even if it is once a year. There is no other way to get in touch with who we are and the things that are happening within us. We get so wrapped in our work, family, worries and problems that it is hard to clear our mind enough to think straight sometimes. This time provides the right environment to grow mentally and spiritually. I’ve learned to defend this time no matter what is going on in my life, if I don’t give myself this yearly break I’m sure I would not be able to function properly.

Wish me well as I begin my journey and come back and see what happened on Sunday evening.



2 responses

30 05 2008
Sherita Searcy

Clary it seems we are on the same track. I have taken some time away …to just reflect on what God is saying to me and trying to understand the direction he is guiding me in. Enjoy the time of peace and serenity. I am excited to learn the beautiful things God will whisper in your ear. Have a blessed time. Sherita

1 06 2008
Manuel Mendoza

I’m HAppy for you ,my dear frnd ,that there are still a few PPl,that at least could go to there place with out the hassels of everyday life.
One must make that time for themselves in order to recouperate one self,without the daily norms …
Other wise as time goes by ,’one might blow their top off’,,endup institutionalize
not a good place to be,depending how far you blew your top off!!
And this Has Nothing to do with being Wealthy or Knowing the Connections,,
It is Up to Oneself to find a place anywhere in the world,to rejuvinate one self..
Other wise DON’t Blame Your Bull to others who have No Fault ,what so ever due to your Insecurity of one self!!
And the place could be in a near by National park!! or look up in the internet
for R&R places to strech an rejuvinate oneself ,for One whole day to Who knows ,what you could affored !!
But when you do,like clary said NO INTERRUPTIONS What SO Ever ,are you to take or even tell them where you are ,an turn off that cellphone,,,
Its for your own sake,Your inner self.
Great Blogg/Post my sweetheart Clary!!
Hope you found a few more things that will give you more “ENLIGHTMENT “,
to your self,and teach us more for us to find our Inner self to,,,,,,

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