Never Give Up

26 05 2008

momand daughter

In the realm of things I don’t believe in coincidences, everything happens for a reason and with an intention to make itself manifest with an specific purpose. I always wanted to be mom and by God’s grace I was blessed to be one. Even when the days get tougher as the time goes by, I’m thankful for this priviledge. Many times I feel like giving up, but there is no turning back on those you love and there is always faith that it will get better. It has to do more with the way I expect things to move along than with the crude reality that I have no control over what happens in life. Nothing is perfect and ideal, we need to work with the imperfect being that we are and learn to accept that our kids are included in that group.

Today I was aware of my whole being and how it affects everything that sorrounds me, including my family. Moms usually set the tone of the family and mine hasn’t been too great lately. Emotions, changes and challenges have set my life in turmoil, not an easy sea to navigate, that’s for sure. Many times I go mainly by instinct and hope. I encountered -among other things- an entry blog that reminded me of a truth, never give up. In life there are many moments when we think that all is lost, especially while we are raising our children. As soon as they begin to make their own mind and decisions we fear they will make the wrong choices. Communications tends to break down and it’s suddenly restored when we least expect it, and I’m so glad when it does.

Exposing our own vulnerability and accepting that we are not as perfect as they think, opens the door for them to talk to us. They are able to relate at a certain level, they even listen to what we have to say every once in a while. I guess they realize that we were young at one time of our life, that what they have seen and known is not all about us. They even have fun when they find out that we did the same crazy things they do now or worst, and learn to use it against us. Even though they claim that these are different times (don’t I know it!) the core of the situations and attitudes they should have in life are the same.

I noticed how the attitudes I try to instill in my children are subtle reminders of the same attitudes I should have in life. So I guess to a point this is a refresher course of how to live plus the experiences I had along the way. As I enter yet another stage of my life, I enter it along with my children in order not to get lost in the maze that this whole process puts me in. I desperately need to go through this process alone, but at the same time it is a relief that every once in a while I’m forced to unplug in order to deal with something or someone else. So I’m not giving up just yet, neither on me or them. I’m sure better times will come and at the same time I will expect that nothing will forever stay the same, if it did, I would be dead.

Clary Lopez, author of Simplicity, Richness of Life



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27 05 2008
Juan Jose Montes

Never give up!! that’s the name of the game in life, you’ll get to places and acomplish things that you would’nt even imagine in your wildest dreams. In my personal case, I cannot imagine how things will be, like the classic oldies song says”in the year 2525″ when my child gets to start making his life changing decitions. Yes, I will be there to guide and suggetst the best, according to my thoughts and the way I learned, but, this world is changing fast, way too fast. And, friend Claribel, I can only hope you will still be there, shinning us with your coments, thoughts, and wisdom.
Thanks for your input!!, Saludos, Juan Jose

27 05 2008
Sherita Searcy

Clary, it is amazing to me how much of ourselves is invested in the lives of our children. My children also remind me of how I should think and live …carefree and full of expectations.

Great post…

28 05 2008

What makes a article good is the feeling and emotion it conveys to the reader. Life is to short to keep the loving words in our hearts hidden. Peace

28 05 2008

What makes your blog good is the feeling and emotion it conveys to the reader.
And live as it is, not as you need it to be.Peace

29 05 2008
Manuel Mendoza

I’m not a Parent by all means,but realizing my faults,and all the struggles I’ve
seen throughtout my life,durning my yrs as a Community Advocate was at times a Rude Awakening,Some parents did not care for their children,cause apparently they were given the same treatment from there parents,too So the vicious circle continues with some of those families,but the rest that wrked hard to keep a roof over there heads,lots of love that at times the children did not get it,or later found out the struggle their parents did for them was at times a Miricle in it’s self…Just like my Parents went with Me,I am and have been the Black sheep of the entire Family,here and anywere in the world the rest are.
Ifound my parents one day talking to themselves bout me,saying were did we go wrong with him,i don’t understand why he actslike that or why he does things that is beyon our control were did we go wrong,so that conversation went on for a few hours,i poped into the conversation at that time ,and told them,my parents ,not to worry bout me,i was taught by the Best Parents anyone could hope to have,,,and I enjoy what I Do,or have done,it is my way of escape frm all the bull that goes around in the Community and at wrk so please don’t worry bout me,,,,,,,,,,,,
Yr’s later i realize what i had said an what kind of world i placed myself into,,but in reality i Enjoy what I do,And were I came frm…
I KNow Who I am,and were i am going to,,,,even though at times it seems a bit difficult to see thru the clouds. I’ve experince things in my life that most or all most all the PPL,i know ,can’t Phanum the understanding of what is going on,,,,,
IWish all the parents of this wonderful world we all live in ,give lots of love to ther children to pass to the next generations to follow…
GOD Bless You my sweet Friend Clary!!!! Great bLogg/Post
Awesome Wrkk again the best to you an your fam & frnds to,,,,,,,,

31 05 2008

It’s a challenge being a parent but day by day, we’ll get through it. Whenever I’m frustrated or upset about anything, I just think of my son’s smile.

2 06 2008

I sure hope to be here as well. I want to share what I have learned with my failures as well as my successes so that you can learn from both of them; that’s how we grow in wisdom. Thank you so much for continuing visiting and commenting on my blog. 🙂

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