Indiana Jones

23 05 2008

indiana jones As the Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull is release today I’m sure millions will buy tickets to once more live the adventure and to feel the adrenaline rush taking risks entails. I believe that is why we enjoy movies like these so much.

In life many of us make the choice to live a tranquil, boring or balanced life instead of an uncertain, interesting, challeging and adventurous one. Sometimes we are forced to provide that balanced environment as we raise our families and try to make something out of our existence but the price to pay for that is the loss of new and undiscovered talents and virtues we might have completely undeveloped.

Reality shows like Survivor are awakening that buried adventurous instinct nature within us and helping people face situations that make them test their will, power, endurance and knowledge in different circumstances. It is a parenthesis in their ordinary life and one I’m sure help transform them from the inside out. One of those reality shows that I came to enjoy very much was The Monastery in TLC, in it men came to live with the Benedictines monks. These was more of a spiritual challenge than anything else and it didn’t have to do with religion but with their personal relationship with God and their personal frustations, their thruth, anger and traumas. I was sad to see the guy who was more traumaticed of all unable to tap into what was killing him inside. After seeing his friends die in war right next to him and the loss one of his legs, he was unable to connect with anything around him anymore. I could clearly see his pain masked in sarcarsm, heavy drinking and rebellion.

Perhaps it will be a good idea to at least once a year get together with some friends and explore different kinds of adventures, searches, missionary work, anything that would take us out of our familiar surroundings to push us to reach for higher grounds. I’m sure that we would return rejuvenated and refreshed in body, mind and soul.



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23 05 2008

hello, thanks for your comment on my page. i’m honoured to have you as a visitor(: thanks again.

23 05 2008
Kenyon Salo

This post resonates deep within me and who I am. You are so correct that we should all try and get out of our “box” and into something that stretches, motivates and inspires us.

I find that I am in my best state of thought when I am active and doing something adventurous, like BASE Jumping. Sometimes it simply takes an action of pushing away from your desk and getting “out”. Wherever your “out” may be. Thanks for the daily inspiration.

Kenyon Salo

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