20 05 2008

beach walk If only I could step upon the shore and walk under the moonlight tonight…. What a thought and desire to find myself wrapped in the darkness and the coolness under my feet as I try to unravel the feelings and emotions welling up in me at this moment. The dim light would guide me quietly along the shore as the waves of desolation washes on it changing with each tide the shape and form it held just seconds before, becoming one in a sudden transformation. My heart -like the rocks on the edge- is beaten hard and eaten away with every reality wave crashing against it, but making a beautiful splash as a testimony of its existence and endurance. The rocks will never be the same but they manage to stand against the odds.

Solitude sharpen the senses letting me see within the castle of my soul, smokie and dark with many unexplored corners. There is a dim light at the center making all things possible, helping me hold on to life and not lose hope.

The waves continue moving in and out the shore while I sublimally give it my pain to wash it far away from me, the very same way I gave it my dreams and hope just a few months ago. Back then it returned it to me with joy and happiness as I opened my heart while I smiled at the sea. I felt serenity in the knowledge that not all is lost and that anything is possible. Becoming alive is an active reaction as the heart opens up to all its possibilities, pushing aside thoughts and fears and plunging itself into the fullness of human existence.

Oh, how I long to walk upon the shore and wish upon a star that pain and sorrow take a flight leaving a trail of grace as consolation to fortify a fragile frame. To help me not to resolute to rebuild the walls that kept me safe but desolate, inside a cold fort of regrets.

Clary Lopez, author of Simplicity, Richness of Life



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21 05 2008
Manuel Mendoza

This is a Profound Story that was sent to “Norman Vincent Peale”, ITS Called”,
tHE eXPERIENCE OF A MAN FRM cANADA. ” I just could notgo on,”he declared.
He left home without explanation.He had one objective in mind:to sign on as a deckhand on a slow freighter bound for some distant port;he did not care where.
He arrived in NY City on a Saturday to find that the port activities were shut down until Monday.He wandered aimlessly,going frm one movie to another,but
they left him cold.On Sunday,he found himself on Fith Avenue.There he was surprised to see crowds of PPL,lined up to go to church,he joined the linemore in curiosity than in a desire to go to church,& he was lucky to get the last seat in the last row.
Five yrs later,this man wrote me to tell of his expreience that Sunday morning.
Looking about him,he noticed that the PPL, were persons of various races & of all ages,lots of young PPL,the congregation seeming to consist of perhaps mor than 50% men.
Everyone appeared frndly,& a strange feeling,which he finally decided to call”love plus excitement,” seemed to prevade the atmosphere.
As he listened to the choir & the reading of verses from the Scriptures & the
prayers,& hesitantly participated in the enthusiactic singing of old familiar hyms,he began to have a warm feeling of belonging. Memories of “the good old days of my youth stirred within my mind.A profound sense of peace filled my heart.Tears came to my eyes as I sat within your great stone refuge.”
The service came to a close & the big congregation of the church began to leave.Everyone seemed uplifted,renewed,happy.Then the lady he had been siting next to offered her hand in greeting &all she said was’GOD loves you’.tHAT
Out on the avenue he walked for for miles,& he was walking on air.He knew that he could cope with anything.He drove home to Canada & was still going strong when,five yrs later,he wrote of the experience that TAUGHT Him the DynaMic truth that NotHing Need Keep You Down.
That life on earth has apowerful crushing quality can hardly be Denied.
Circumstances Relating to Health,Job,Money,Hostility,MisUnderstanding, &
Numerous other Adversaries of well-being Are Constantly making it
Difficult,If Not Downright Painful,for Multitudes of PEOPLE Every Day.
Little wonder that the psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud is reported to have
said,” The Chief Duty of A Human Being Is To Endure Life”,,,,
And LIFE Can INDeeD BE TOUGH,Very Tough.
This results in an individual’s attempts to put down the GIANT that The
Creator has placed at the Center Of Every Personality.
For there is a GIANT in every person,& Nothing Can Get This GIANT Down
Unless that GIANT Is Kept Down By HIMSELF/HERSELF…

R E A CT I V A T E T H E G I A N T W I T H I N Y O U .
HopeFully This InSpires You and All the readers,in these times
and anytime of their lives!!!
This story almost all the times i am Down Lifts Me Up,,So try It
or find Some other Good Form to Lift One Self in the Journey of Life….

Great Blog Post SweetHeart Clary””,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

7 02 2009

Mucho gracias Clary!

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