Do you believe in Destiny?

19 05 2008

Video: How You Live by Point of Grace

Destiny refers to a predetermined course of events. It may be conceived as a predetermined future, whether in general or of an individual. It is a concept based on the belief that there is a fixed natural order to the universe.

Call it destiny or fate, some people refer to this term as something they can’t do nothing about, something that has been decided ahead of time and that they can’t alter in anyway. My personal opinion; I don’t believe in it. To believe in it will be to renounce to the possibility of so many things in my life.

Opportunities present themselves to give us the chance to achieve greater accomplishments in our life and in the world. We create our destiny with every action and decision we make, by using our gifts and talents, with our daily effort, with our hard work as we try to achieve our goals and make our dreams come true. Even when we have failed before we are able to recreate our future with new and better decisions with the lessons learned from our mistakes. We are able to renew our faith in people, in love, in God, in all the things we chose not to have faith anymore and let the experience give a new meaning and purpose to our life.

Every day that we chose to do or not something we are creating our destiny, it is a journey not a destination. It evolves, grows and changes with time. It serves us in the manner that suits us.

“We are the masters of our fate, the captains of our souls,
because we have the power to control our thoughts.”
– Napoleon Hill

Enjoy the video. Tell me what you think.

Clary Lopez, author or Simplicity, Richness of Life



8 responses

19 05 2008
David Reyes

muy acertado corazon!!!!
buen dia!!
“keep going”
Dave Reyes

19 05 2008
Juan Jose Montes

I’m with you on this, I feel that all of those who do beleive in destiny are the bulk of the people that do not get too far in life. Life is an ever changing machine, keep going, modify your ways as you go along and expect success.
Good Stuff Claribel!!!
Saludos, Juan Jose

20 05 2008
Manuel Mendoza

“Destiny is a Cut Of Point of One’s Journey in Life”,it holds you back,instead of giving you ,,Your Wings to Fly to the Unlimited Sky. Yes many of Us,when WE were growing Up,we were told by Some of Our Parents ,That we must strive for our destiny,,,but we were not told of all the obstcles/desisions we’ve made thru our passage of life. Now for some we have a Pre-Destiny,more so if it’s been
handed down the Generations ,frm one Son or Daughter to the next one in the family circle. But when there is One child that stops that ‘Pre-Destiny’,the family
sees that individual as a ‘Rouge’,someone not of the family traditions,or
stewdership in family business! Destiny should be taken away frm the Dictionary
and frm the schools,,it should be replace with “The Journey of Life”,,
Cause the journey gives you more options to freedom & choises for One Self.
Because You are the Ultimate One that makes that Free Choise,Is Us!!
Great blogg Querida Clary,Your Awesome,May GOD Bless you in your Journey of Life,,,

21 05 2008

Groovy. Just had convorsation about this last night. Likewise, I am not a believer in predestination. I believe our spirits may have inclinations in life directions, beit by way of karma or something of that manner, but ultimately either we decide our path or someone (or something) else will. The universe (god?) provides many alesson and direction for each of us to take. And yet, thought we are individuals we are not neccessarily independant. The decisions (or lack there of) of others have direct and lasting impacts on our life paths just as our decisions effect others.
p.s. thanks for the visit

22 05 2008
Sherita Searcy

Hi Clary, I have been out of town for a bit, but I have to say ..yes I do believe in destiny. Every thing has an appointed time and season. I believe their are phases in our life where we awake to the person who we are destined to be and we continue to learn and grow from that place. I am still finding the source of my motivation…so my final destiny has yet to be determined. Smile. Thank for the page feedback. Sherita

22 05 2008

this a great post….maybe other believe that their destiny has already written on their hand…whatever happened or happening in their life are/were already predetermined by their faith or destiny…Which a belief that i don’t agree, yeah maybe each of us destiny or faith has already been written but still God gave us a freedom of freewill. We always have the choice to decide whether the path we chose to take will be good or not to us.At end of the day, the responsibility and outcome of what we will become is always based on our choices that we made…
Thanks for sharing this wonderful post…

20 11 2008

music from flute cant say that itself made the music… it was the flute… still flute cant take the credit …….. for it was the man who played the flute….
but i believe, music, flute and player have their own individual life…
theres a harmony which we call love… so we shall believe in destiny… and all are destined to make a change in their life… that means destiny gives us only the oppurtunites and challenges… and we choose our actions and consequences…. destiny is there… but god created it as inferior to human spirit…

11 04 2010

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