Facing Reality

12 05 2008

There is no easy way to come face to face to reality, especially the one we hope never to see in our lifetime. We dream, work towards and hope to get what we want and need but sometimes it’s never meant to be. Meeting face to face to reality is shattering at times, breaking us up into a million pieces making us wonder if we should pick the pieces again, mend ouselves and dare try again.

What kind of things would you consider to dare try again? What are the ones you would give up?



2 responses

13 05 2008
Manuel Mendoza

There are things I would Change in My Life issues,but this is one place I won’t discuss or expose to the world,for in the Legal world, ” I TAKE THE FITH”,
But I am already an Open book,due to my Public ,Social and Business Service that I attended in the past.
There are certain things One keeps to themselves,and for those who want
to know it will copst you,plenty of Legal in your pocket……

13 05 2008

There are or might me atleast a thing in which we want so much but never break down when we do not get them. We always have hope to see them. When it comes the things and ones our minds desire, we would not try again to gain them but when it comes the issue of heart and soul then atleast I can never be give up!!

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