Knowing the Truth

8 05 2008

“We know the truth not only by the reason, but by the heart.” — Blaise Pascal

Knowing and accepting the truth are two different things, two different processes.

Many of us have known our truth for a very long time but managed to deny it for a lifetime. It doesn’t bother us as we quickly live our life for those around us, while busily keeping up with the flow of our daily life and responsabilities. It is so easy to forget that we even exist while we are wrapped into so many other activities. When our life begins to slow down a little it’s when we take the time to look around and within and we begin to feel the emptiness and sadness.

The only way to fill that emptiness and get rid of our sadness is to learn to love ourself, put ourself in the map of our life for once. Stand firm on the knowlege of our self-worth based on our own self-love not the love we get from others and watch how our life unfolds before us. Accepting the good with the bad, that’s life, and realize that nothing ever stays the same, that’s the truth.

Clary Lopez, author of Simplicity, Richness of Life



One response

8 05 2008

You have got me thinking…I’ve been contemplating the same subject matter for a few weeks now and a strong theme to my quandry is finding peace with myself. Sometimes the need to fill one’s time with activities that instead of bringing you closer to your true self, seem to take you further and further away from who you really are. It does take a strong will to reflect on this and to let your thought processes direct you of where you ought to be going in search of yourself. Hmmm…I think more pondering is needed right now 😉

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