Quote Day

7 05 2008

Friendship often ends in love; but love in friendship – never. — Charles Caleb Colton

What is your experience with this?



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8 05 2008
Arthur Henn

I believe all of us have to be introduced to each other before there is even a hint of friendship.

Many of us jump into friendship before we even know anything of each other. I know I have.

There are four steps that have to be followed through with sincerity of the heart.

1. Acquaintance
2. Friendship
3. Relationship
4. Romance

If any of these four are missing or done in the wrong order I don’t think a good relationship will work, unless you stop yourselves, separate yourselves for a time of space and start over by #1 The (Acquaintance).

This is my opinion and I think I have made this mistake at an early age. Even the four years before I married my wife, we dated. I never really got acquainted with her, and thirty years later it still missing.

Someone told me awhile back that maybe I should courtship her again (Smiles)

The courtship is so often left out of the picture of

Acquaintances, and relationships.

I’m guilty.


8 05 2008

As I understand the meaning of the word love- I think there are 3 distinct kinds-
brotherly love, romantic love, (eros) and unconditonal love (agape) In marriage for example, I think all 3 should be present. I think Colton has too narrow of a definition of the word…what do you think? 🙂

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