Being Born an Individual

6 05 2008


“You have to avoid being just one of the crowd and instead take the chance of being born an individual.” from Dark Nights of the Soul by Thomas Moore

How hard is it to change directions in life, to make adjustments, to recreate oneself? We become accostumed to what has been part of our routine and stability ignoring the fact that in time we have become stagnant, unhappy and unsatisfied. In three words, We Stop Growing(WSG). To pretend to live our life in the same manner all the time is not logical. Our daily experiences and challenges transform us into a more developed and whole individual.

Dark nights plunges us into the depths of our being pressing us into exploring what needs to be changed or revealed. For years we have gone along with the social circles and what is expected of us. We learn quickly how to integrate ourselves with the rest of society, which is good, but in the process we forget how not to lose our individuality. Individuality based on our self-knowledge along with well rooted human and spiritual principles are the key to our well-being and happiness.

“Speaking of human nature also reminds us that there is a unity and solidarity belonging to the whole human race. For this reason, man is to be considered “in the full truth of his existence, of his personal being and also of his community and social being” (Encyclical Redemptor hominis, n. 14).” excerpt from MAN’S DIGNITY STEMS FROM HIS SPIRITUAL NATURE

Some people manage to make manifest their individuality sooner than others, like Albert Einstein who at 15 years old realized that he had to make his own way in the world. I believe that’s the reason why he was able accomplish so much and benefit society with his own individual development; because he began to live early on, the life destined to him.

It is a shame that most of us spend half our life before we find ourselves before the path we need to decide to walk on. When life becomes unbearable because we have denied our self-realization we often find ourselves at a crossroads, in that moment our whole being screams to be born again. It’s the divine calling us to become who we were meant to be before is too late. It is the awakening from the numbness created by a life full of everyone’s goals and dreams but our own.

I truly believe that education should be based upon the Liberal Arts, in it our minds are developed to analyze, absorb and integrate our individual human capabilities given to us by God into whatever field our work will contribute and ultimately benefit humanity.

Clary Lopez, author of Simplicity, Richness of Life



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6 05 2008
David Reyes

us spend half our life before we find ourselves before the path we need to decide to walk on. When life becomes unbearable because we have denied our self-realization we often find ourselves at a crossroads, in that moment our whole being screams to be born again.

totalmente cierto!!!

24 07 2010

hello david, am with you.i think your comment is important and we should think of it over and over again

6 05 2008
Sherita Searcy

Excellent..Excellent..Excellent. I am finding that the hardest person to become is me. It seems easier to pretend that you are someone you are not …to please someone else, but that price tag is very high. Though the challenge of being an individual may not be popular…it is very rewarding. Thanks for the post and the reminder.

7 05 2008

I know what you mean Sherita, it is because we let ourself be wrapped in order to blend with everyone else. But there comes a time when we’ll emerge from the inside out.

David, thank you so much for your visit and comment.

7 05 2008

🙂 Lovely ^^! <3!
Inspiring 300%! lol 🙂 I found myself in discovering myself as individual at 13, deciding to go against the current and not settling for other’s dreams. Recently I found myself in the pattern and forgot that promise I made myself years ago. Now I’m retaking it again, and not settling for less than I deserve and want. Sometimes you just know there is something calling you and waiting for you and just you. We just have to go for it.

8 05 2008
Arthur Henn

Clary, This was a good post. I would say this is my favorite of what I have read of yours.

My heart and soul are finally connecting themselves together as one. I’m just standing in the shadows of this body and watching the two come together.

Thank You!


8 05 2008
Manuel Mendoza

Very few of ‘US’,have found ‘WHO’,,we are,,or what part of being prt of Humanity
is to each one of us. I know who i am,my capacities,my tolerences’s,my
understanding of what ‘love’,has to offer in the scope of life,,’Unconditionally’,
with No Barriers or walls which is at times very hard to accept,,but if One Does
not Try One is destine to fail miserablely. And one must Accept Failure to
Conqure Victory.

24 07 2010

hi manuel,am really proud of you.keep that up!

26 09 2009
Kelli Garner

Really nice posts. I will be checking back here regularly.

24 07 2010

well..well….well….interesting!it really important to know who you are than to pretend to be who you are not.sherita baby,i am with you but always be the dream girl you wanna be.clary you`re also my feels great reading such wonderful comments from you all especially the ones from the WOMEN.why?cos some women hate to be who they really you all

24 07 2010

Please,i need your comments on this question;IS AN INDIVIDUAL BORN TO BECOME A MARKETER OR HAS TO BE TRAINED TO BECOME ONE ?Thanks for your cooperation

5 10 2010
Liza Writes

all too often
we are born into a group
a religious or ethnic culture
that looks to strip us of
our ability to formulate
our own thoughts
our individuality
for the sakes of the whole
thank you for encouraging

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