In Difficult Times…

1 05 2008

Who doesn’t go through difficult times in life? It could last a moment, hours, days, years or a lifetime. I always look for ways by which I can hold on to hope during those moments. Sweet reminders of better times always uplift the spirit and sustain the heart’s longing for happiness. Tapping into our good memories help us move along life while we wait for circumstances to begin to work their way out of our present difficulties.

Difficult times are nothing more than times where we have the chance to exercise some of our virtues; patience and temperance among others. The more we lack certain virtues the more opportunities we get to develop them. When we have No Patience it seems like out of the woods come circumstances to put it to the test. Life is a big lesson, the sooner we learn the quicker we move along our personal path to accomplish our earthly mission.

What do you do during difficult times?

Clary Lopez, author of Simplicity, Richness of Life



2 responses

5 05 2008

I see that one of the major advantages of being an author is to live in a fantasy world of inspiration and life! Nice blog though.

6 05 2008
Sherita Searcy

Well…I am learning difficult times is where God is speaking the most. In those moments I listen, fight, draw back and reflect and then move forward. If the lesson is not sinking in…things will get a little rougher and the lesson will become a little more clear. Once I see that only God is going to win in the case..I recede…yet my life becomes more fulfilling and joyful. Weird…but true. Great post and wonderful way to understand what is really needed. Kudos Clary

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