Where did it come from?

29 04 2008

You ask me where do my words and inspiration come from and I tell you they come from my heart. The moment I feel free to express what lies within without masking a thing, words flow like a river. Feelings, emotions, memories and dreams ignite the landscape I love to walk on as I begin to write. That’s the way our life should be, sincere and spontaneous. We tend to hide behind walls to protect ourselves, pretend we are someone we are not, look for acceptance and wait for approval. Nobody can be real after all of these actions, we need to let others know who we are and live in our God given uniqueness which is our treasure to share with the world.

To you who read my words, who share your thoughts, who let me know how my words stir your mind and soul, I thank you. It is in that interchange that I feel more confident to express what lies within my soul and you somehow identify with me. It’s the unbelievable gift of words that makes relationship flourish and expand our horizons. Our intellect continues to grow, reach and touch as we move along our life and into the life of others. I thank you for visiting me in my blog, reading my books and for welcoming me as a guest as well. There is no greater honor than to be ushered into one’s life even if for a brief moment because when two souls cross path they are forever changed by the experience.

Clary Lopez, author of Simplicity, Richness of Life



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29 04 2008
Sherita Searcy

Wow! Excellent. It is amazing when you know where your inspiration comes from. We live in a world that tells us to copy the style and voice of everyone else but our own. I am “just now” learning who Sherita is and what my voice sounds like. I am a faithful reader of your blog, as it is refreshing to experience authentic originality. Great post.

30 04 2008

Hi Sherita, thanks for faithfully reading my blog. I visit yours quite frequently as well. *HUG*

30 04 2008
David Reyes

inspiras a mucha gente , no dejes que ese don se quede solo ahi. “keep going Clary”

1 05 2008

Moonlit walks on the beach,
Sunrise walks in the gardens of paradise
Freefalling with emotions,
A tender hearted woman
Any man could fall in love with

Her words are that of many
Like the purest of all snow
Lying atop the highest mountain
Memories like that of running streams
Nourishing wildflowers along the banks of our hearts

Free, her heart of love is.
A treasurer of uniqueness, a world of crossroads
Expressed with confidence, expanded
Upon the horizons of warmth and dreams
Moving, growing into the souls of others

The God given gift “Clary Lopez Is”
When asked, she will answer with love
Stirring your imagination, a spontaneous approval
Ignited by actions of thoughts, reaching out
To you, touching lives

Ushered upon my life
For the brief moment I’ve known her
Crossing paths exchanging thoughts
The beautiful soul of an author Clary is
Her words will always touch the heart

Love You Clary


2 05 2008

Hello Clary, I write much the same way. Although I seem to be inspired to write when the emotional content is fervent or glaring. However, you have inspirited me now to keep trying. Perhaps I’ll become a good writer, and write what I want.

4 05 2008

That’s the key Macbeth, keep trying!!!

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