My Fight with Wal Mart

26 04 2008

It seems like every 3 days I’m at Wal Mart, no matter how many shopping lists I make I always leave something behind. There is too much to distract yourself in the store but yesterday was the day that blew me away.

I ordered pictures online the night before, they were the pictures my neighbor and I took the night of his prom, I work with the picture in Adobe Photoshop and added Class of 2008 along one side. I wanted to include the pictures with the graduation invitations I print myself as well. As you know I home school my kids and among the families in the area we do pretty much everything. I also ordered another picture that one of the dads took of the baseball team which he also added some stuff with Adobe Photoshop with the name of the team, etc. Well, I show up to pick up the pictures and guess what? They would no give them to me without a release. What? Yeah!

“These are professional pictures, we need a release from the photographer.” they said.

What in the world? “How do I prove that I took the picture?” I asked.

“Bring the memory card.”

“Well, those pictures were deleted from the card days ago, I pass them to a disk. Can I bring the disk?”

“No, anyone can have the pictures on disk”

Heck, if I have the image on a disk it is because the photographer gave it to me to use how I saw fit or they are mine. No professional photographer is handing down digital pictures on a disk to their clients for free.

So now what?” I asked.

“Let me call the manager”

Well, lo and behold she looks at it and there is no way she will release them. I keep arguing. Hey, I’m late sending the invitations already I need those pictures! Well the department manager decides to speak to the store manager.

Same thing, “no way these pictures are amateur pictures, we can’t release them.” she said. “What about that backdrop?”

“It’s my dining room wall! I took my daughter’s pictures on that same wall a year ago. Do you want to come to my home to see it?” I said while she kind of rolled her eyes.

“Well, refund me the money and let me remember NEVER to come here again to develop pictures.” iI said loud so that other customers would hear me. (The Puerto Rican in me, lol)

While they were working the refund I asked what I needed to do in order to have my pictures developed. If everyone start implementing this copyright law on pictures I will be in trouble. I don’t consider myself a professional photographer but I have some good pictures I might want to print in the future. Do I need a license? a business card? The lady at the counter suggested I made a letterhead with my name and stuff on it so that they can keep it on file.

I know they are some photographers out there, have you have the same situation? How do you deal with it? How do you get a photographer’s license or how do you proof that you took the pictures you want to have processed?

What a nightmare! I ended up at CVS printing the same picture without the Class of 2008 graphic on it. No problems there, thank God.



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25 07 2008

Hi Clary. I worked at a Wal-Mart for 7 months once when I was in-between jobs, and it was a nightmare. They treat their employees terribly and that’s passed on to the customers. All they care about at Wal-Mart is sale$. Getting the customers in and out of line as quick as possible. You know the old addage that the customer is always right. That doesn’t apply at Wal-Mart. The problem is with Management, that’s passed down from the corporate offices in Bentonville, AR on down to your local store. I’ve been there and know how poorly they treat they so called Associates. My advice to you is to boycott Wal-Mart from now on. I haven’t been in a store since. Target and Kmart are better!

25 07 2008


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