Getting to Know Me

19 04 2008

“They don’t know me at all” , I’ve heard this so many times.

We all need to be known and acknowledge, it is a way of validating who we are, but many times others don’t get to know the real us to begin with. Thinking about this fact I began to think the reasons why this happens and realized that whenever I fail to put effort in getting to know someone, they also fail to know me. It is our interest for other individuals that put us at ease to reveal who we truly are and it shows with more than words, the true essence of our spirit. When we open ourselves to receive someone they also tend to open up to give in response, and in that interchange that we get to know each other.

When dealing with people who had drama or bad experiences in life we need to be careful not to be righteous and judgemental, the person will completely close the line of communications if we do. Fear of yet another rejection or disregard is their defense mechanism in order to survive. By looking at their strengths and not their weakness we can help them rise above our expectations, but it really shouldn’t be about what we want FROM them but what we want FOR them. I can tell you by experience that whenever I think of them and not me I get so much more in return; physically, mentally and spiritually.

So here is the concept; if you want people to know you, take the time to get to know them. Trust is what open ourselves to another. We can’t gain trust if we don’t learn how to embrace someone else first.

Clary Lopez, author of Simplicity, Richness of Life



3 responses

20 04 2008

clary honestly, am very thrilled to find a christain lady with such a solid back ground on her faith, am so impressed. I have always said success outside the word of God will ultimately lead to destruction. Oprah’s success has not truly satisfied her lack of spiritual longing, so she thinks she can attain that with her “New found Faith” even though she professes to be a”christain”. It’s so sad that millions of blind ppl who also r lost will no doubt listen to her.

24 04 2008

What if the person doesn’t want you to get to know them. What if everytime you think you are getting close they completely shut down and turn into someone else?

24 04 2008

If the person shut down on you it is because he/she doesn’t trust you enough to let you in. Try not to be judgmental and point out faults, concentrate instead in his/her qualities and see what happens. Another thing, don’t try to change the essence of who they are, is not healthy.

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