Seize or Relinquish

18 04 2008

“…Some things…arrive in their own mysterious hour, on their own terms and not yours, to be seized or relinquished forever.” – Gail Goodwin

Life is a mysterious thing, isn’t it?

Full of the things we decide to seize and hold on to. It is interesting to reflect upon what comes our way and how we deal with them. I have mentioned this so many times before; life is not static, if it is called to impact the world in any way it will be a growing, expanding and challenging force that propels each and everyone of us to be who we are meant to be. We all have a special mission to accomplish and a lot of times it takes us a very long time to figure it out. I believe the reason why it takes us so long is because we fail to make time for ourselves. It is hard to slow down long enough so that we can see and hear the messages we receive from above within us.

Seizing and relinquishing what is offered to us shapes and transforms our life. It can move it or make it stagnant depending on what we decide to do or not. A lot of people would like something different in life but they don’t do anything different. It makes sense that we need to do something we have not, to get or create something we don’t have at the present moment.

Life is an adventure when we look at it this way, there are many opportunities that comes our way and the ability to pick and choose what will fit or enhance our life makes it exciting.


Clary Lopez, author of Simplicity, Richness of Life



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