My Baby Boy is going to his Prom

12 04 2008

Tonight will be a special night, one neither my son or me will forget. I took him shopping couple of days ago and when he stepped out of the dressing room I couldn’t believe how handsome he looked on his white jacket, black shirt and pants. My baby boy is grown.

As he gets ready tonight and I will be with my camera in hand to capture all the moments I want to keep in my mind. It has been a difficult four years as we navigated through high school in our home school adventure. He is a very special guy, a head strong individual just like his mom, determined to find something good to do in life.

Last night I dreamed of him when he was a little toddler, always hanging from me, hugging and kissing. Many times falling asleep in my arms. A little bundle of joy and energy. The time just flew by….

My baby boy is going to his Prom tonight and how happy it makes me to one more time release him for him to experience something new in his life. Soon he won’t need me anymore, or would he? Soon he will be flying solo with me watching from afar. I hope he soars the sky of life, love and faith like I tried to teach all this time and that all his dreams come true.



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12 04 2008
sadomazaXIST » My Baby Boy is going to his Prom

[…] sky of life, love and faith like I tried to teach all this time and may all his dreams come true. Clary Lopez’ Blog […]

13 04 2008
Piccola Dowling

he is a lucky boy when he got you as his mother. show us some pics of the night when you can!

14 04 2008

Thank you Piccola, I will.

14 04 2008
Manuel Mendoza

Hello,mi Querida del Alma,Your Children Do Have a True 1000+ Angel in their
life of trial & tribulations,Your children are more prepare then others out there,
‘Why’,cause all this time You have been there for them,lots of Love,Compassion,
understanding,Expaning there horizons in what the world is all about., You
have been there learning life Experience Coach,for them.You have Cared enough
to one day let them go,but knowing that they are mor prepare then others out
there,,,’WHO’,never had the Love of a Mother,Friend,Teacher to give them that
guidess that has been lots of hard wrk,but lots of Love and Passion that Comes
from your Heart an Soul,,,,,,

16 04 2008
Jason P.

Oh whatta night! Late December back in ’63…

I hope he takes the best of your teachings (and he will) an apply them forward.

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