In Time You Find the Way

10 04 2008

I almost forgot about this song, it helps me when I don’t feel good. Whenenver I am not in the present moment and think on the past or the future I lose my balance, everytime I do I feel terrible. I noticed other people experience the same. Some panic on things not working out just the way they want to and flee instead, leaving behind hopes and dreams.

The phrase “in time you find the way” reminds me that; nothing ever stays the same, not to act when my mind is not clear and my heart in pain, and love prevails. I’m very emotional right now even though I try hard to hide it, my emotions drain me many times. I hate it but that’s the way I am.

Tonight I’ll sing this song a few times and my heart and mind will go on ease, hopefully tomorrow will be a better day and I will get to smile again.



One response

11 04 2008

thanks for the comment. your entry seems pretty relevant to my situation 🙂 but it seems i dont have the luxury of time to settle my mind.

anyway .. thanks again

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