Oprah’s Church? What Do You Believe?

6 04 2008

Oprah has been for me a person who demonstrated that we can accomplish a lot in life, even against the odds. I watch her show every week and I’m a subscriber of her monthly magazine, but one thing I’ve learned in life is to KNOW WHAT I BELIEVE. I won’t judge her because she is acting according to what she knows about her faith at this point, only God has the right to judge on this matter. There is a lot of different teachings, faiths, beliefs out there and we can’t blame this or the other for the loss of our faith. When life doesn’t go exactly as we thought it should we can’t blame the media, books, people, music etc. Yes, the media have a tremendous influence in our way of thinking but it is ultimately US who by our ignorance are driven into situations of this magnitude.

When I heard the announcement for this class something told me it wasn’t right. I tried to listen to the first class but technical difficulties didn’t let me finish it. I thought about listening to it later after it was posted on her site. Then I went to the store and saw the book displayed and stop to look through it, I could tell right away it didn’t go with my Christian belief. By reading a blog review of the book I found out it had Budhist ideas integrated into it, called it Budhism 101 written into a more easy to understand terms.

I’m not trying to condone the bad influence some communication mediums are doing to believers in general but what I would like to do is put responsability back on the shoulders of those who know about Jesus and what he is about. He came personally to teach us how to live and how to gain eternal life, if we choose to believe something else or listen to others than the witnesses of his teachings we are entitled to do so, but we are also entitled to the consequences.

As Christians what we are called to do is to continue to grow in the knowledge of our faith and share it with others. Each individual in turn will respond to the message or not. It is our responsability to share it to the best of our ability and move on, but we are also called to defend it. We can’t force anyone to believe on what we believe but we have the right to hold fast to our faith.

I believe that many people are driving to all of this kind of thinking because their spirit is hungry. We have starved our spiritual life to such a degree that we don’t even know what it is anymore. My belief is that we were created by God and that is who our soul yearns for. If we only take care of our body and not the soul sooner or later we feel that something is missing and it is.

Faith is a personal choice and we are ultimately responsible for our own life and what we do with it. All we can do is live it to best of our knowledge and ability, expose our belief along the way and guide those who are willing to listen.

We need to pick our battles and this one is one we need to trust God to conquer with the life of Christians as testimony. What’s your opinion?

Clary Lopez, author of Simplicity, Richness of Life



29 responses

7 04 2008

“Though we may take different paths to reach the top of the mountain, we shall enjoy the same view upon reaching it.”

It’s time to loook at our commonalities instead of our differences. Even amongst the “Christian” faiths we find separation and even war. Look at what happened between the Protestants and Catholics in Northern Ireland. Mormons are looked on as a cult by many who call themselves Christian. Even the Catholic church is divided between Roman and Orthodox.

Of course there is the division between Christians, Jews, and Muslims who all practice a faith partly based on the old testament. Crusades and other wars have been fought to try and prove who is “right”.

But there are some who call for understanding and unity. His Holiness, The Dalai Lama, has spoken many time at Saint Ignatius Church, on the grounds of the University of San Francisco. In fact his brother was in residence there, studying with the Jesuit Priests. The Pope has met many times with leaders of the Jewish and Muslim Faiths. If these great leaders can meet, and break bread together, shouldn’t we too?

Try not to narrow your mind that there is only your way, whatever that way is. Practice your faith, and let others practice theirs. There is room for us all.

7 04 2008
Piccola Dowling

I couldnt agree more!


bYW your page looks good!

8 04 2008
Manuel Mendoza

There is Only one,and I’ve been on both sides of the fence,I belive in Jesus
for the rest that have ,no faith,or not willing to understand it,
in its not just
frm the Old Testament ,but the New testament as well. There are so many PPL,with no Faith True Faith,They call themselves belivers when in fact they won’t even read the Bible to get the true meaning. Yes it’s true that there are 3,Christians,Jews,and Muslims. And all the Others want to belive in their
own thinking,with no solid thought/thinking.
Every other Religion has their
“VERSION of Christian FAITH In It Self”,,,They’ve taken bits and Piceses of
should be Religion……

And What Oprah,has is False Religion,There are so many PPL,Belive in
Oprah has to Say,,But For her to Shove Down Her New Way bELIEve,,
Is In My Thinking and others That She is Leading PPL,to the Wrong
Path of Righousness,She is Going AWay frm GOD,,,,
In my Book She is “Stupid”,,leading awaay frm GOD is really wrong
Way to go!!

8 04 2008

Well said, Clary – Keep the faith and run the good race!
May the Lord strengthen you and speak through you for His glory.

8 04 2008

Since you asked, What I believe, that’s stated in the bible: We are saved through faith in Jesus Christ and his death on the cross for our sins. We cannot “save” ourselves through sprituality, good works, or openmindeness. We were made, by God, in the image of God…However, the reverse is not true–God is not in us. There is one true way to God, and that’s Jesus. It is not up to me to try and understand or discern why God would create people that would accept other religions or belief systems. God, his actions and his reasons are above my comprehension, and it is a sin for me to demand of God that he show his master plan to me. The only way to call yourself a Christian is through your faith.
That being said, I don’t really care what Oprah believes. I do care that she has long referred to herself as a Christian and the lost that are searching for the truth will see her on tv and read this book and think that this is a “form” of Christianity. She has sway over millions and in so a huge, huge, huge responsibility to her audience. She should stop calling herself a Christian and stop deceiving her audience. I have been a fan of her show and book selections for years, but after this, I’m done. I just think she’s being very deceptive in how she’s presenting this book.

9 04 2008

Jesus said ” I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father but by me.” (John 14:6). What is being taught here is another form of humanism, and is a direct assult on the body of believers in our society. Rest assured many people will give no more thought to forsaking the teachings of our Lord for this man made philosophy than they would to buying the latest book in her book club.
This is only the latest step towards the concept of a one world religion that was fortold in the book of Revelation. As believers in Jesus we must stand firm in our faith and not let popular trends of this world dictate our beliefs. The expression ‘stand for something or you will fall for anything’ was never more appropriate.

10 04 2008
Sherita Searcy

Wow! I am blown away by the numerous comments presented here. When I learned about the “Church of Oprah,” I was very put off. Clary, you are right in saying that our walk and foundation in God is personal. If you are spiritually weak then — what Oprah is presenting to you might be tantalizing or even seem like the truth. It says in the word of God that there will be false prophets in the earth that will speak of God who will TRY to lead you astray. Oprah has a purpose for the Unity church. I have a purpose as a person who has a relationship with Jesus Christ and that is to continue to spread the truth and pray that people open their eyes and gain a foundation of truth in the Word of God. Bless you all.


10 04 2008

Thank you so much for your comments. It is good to know what others think and where they stand. 🙂

12 04 2008
Becky Wilson

I agree with Dave!! Well stated. We need Unity not separation. Narrow minded ways of belief are destructive. We will never be able to view things of a spiritual nature exactly the same. These beliefs are very personal and vary from person to person. There are as many paths to God as there are people.

We need to respect each other and honor each other despite our differences. One of Jesus’ main teachings was not to judge one another and to love one another. I believe that these were the most important of all Jesus’ teachings.

13 04 2008

He also taught that he was the way, the truth and the life and that no one came to the Father but through him. I’m all for unity as well but it is impossible if we all believe in different gods, ways and paths. I do respect others but never compromise my belief. Thanks for your comment Becky.

13 04 2008
Becky Wilson

I could not help but notice how Clary did not capitalize god’s when refering to my comment….as if the God I was refering to was somehow less then. The God that I believe in however different then hers or yours is in no way “less” than the God she (YOU) believe in. We must except the fact the God can not be place in a box that somehow is a “One size fits all” mentality. I thank you for you comment. Becky

14 04 2008

God is God, God is Jesus, the only way
and I can assure, that every other “god”
will not talk to you, or be your father
you will not feel it, or experience it.
Very happy to know him, I can say all
this things have happened to me and
I don’t feel empty anymore, because he’s with
me, I can feel Him, I can Hear him, I can even
laugh with Him. He’s my God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit
the one I know, the one no one ever’s gonna make me
doubt about. No matter how many Oprahs or Obamas
rise up, God will still be God, and everybody on earth
gets what they give, everybody harvest what they plant
everybody gets their reward sooner or later.
Because God is a righteous God.

14 04 2008

and Becky…you can’t just extract from the bible what is best for you to defend your point, cuz you’re stating things that are against everything Jesus tought. What about the only way to God is receiving him as your Lord and Saviour? The Word of God will never contradict itself…and for Jesus things were black or white, no grays…you follow Him and you follow all His teachings, not just one that you really like and is really easy to folllow, if you do not, then you’re not following Him.

15 04 2008
Sharon Kay Rider

I’m old enough to remember when Oprah first aired. I found her a humble God fearing women touching others through her life experiences. Then… one day she said, ” I’m over that”. Her show completely changed. No longer about the “Little People” but all about celebreties and herself. Strange how fame affects people. My Bible speaks of false prophets; which I consider Oprah. “why would God be jealous of me?” she asked??? Not you Oprah, duh… of worshiping other Gods. Unless Oprah is now considering herself the “Light” as she calls it!!! I can see the attraction for Obama. They are making a great team. Wonder if he’ll leave his beloved racist Reverand to worship O the fountain of $$$? Speaking about the Reverend…I for one am sick and tired of the OLD FOLKS veiws being cramed down our young peoples throats! That is just a hate crime in it’self!!! Our children are blending just fine without this kind of hate talk; especially coming from the pulpit. It is slanderous and blastphemous, vilifing. This is a sad state we’re living in.

17 04 2008

It is time for Miss money to get out the God business. Before I had heard of her positions and her church, I felt that oprah was doing the people a great disservice. She has created a philosophy that has sent and is sending people to hell. Sad thing about it ,is that in spite of her money and Her great earning power she is lacking tremendously in her concept and perspective of God.

17 04 2008
Doug Brinker

The way to God through Jesus is not narrow it is wide open. All you have to do is believe it. Lets keep it simple.

28 04 2008

Church of Oprah. I wonder what took her so long.

5 05 2008

Doug…simple is not always right.

Enter through the narrow gate. For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it. But small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life, and only a few find it.

Matthew 7:13-14

5 05 2008

Well said Amber, we need to be reminded.
Thank you everyone for your comments.

5 05 2008
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5 05 2008

Check out the following links for some excellent discussion on this topic….




22 05 2008

I so agree with you on the jealous statement. That really stuck out to me. I for one say that I am secure in my walk with God and have no shame in sharing that. My problem I have is, that we as christians are really making ourselves look bad when we judge and criticize those who don’t. Please understand that I an not condoning, supporting, or backing the O church. That is not at all what I am doing. But you know that it never goes without saying that they know we are christians by our love. And people used to get drawn to the church, not by the money messages, the high sadityness of the architecture, they were drawn in by people who took the time to love them and pray for them. Yeah, people are drawn to Oprah and her stuff because she is doing what people want and need and that is loving them. Even if it only appears that way. We, the ones who are supposed to be the light in this dark world, are pushing them away.
I homeschool and see how the christian homeschoolers really make us christians look bad. Because instead of saying we welcome you, they are fast to put out there what everybody has to believe in. I know that I am secure enough in my walk with God that I can hang out with someone who is hindu (and our sons get along very well with each other) and we have an understanding that we both worship differently but we can be good friends. Sometimes, the change has to take place within us, with the help of the Holy Spirit.

28 05 2008

The episode of the OW Show, where she gave everyone a new car, I knew something was up. Any time that someone starts giving out large gifts for their own glorification, there’s something wrong. I mean, it’s great that she built that school in Africa, but she built one elaborate school that cost millions and millions, when the same amount of money could have been used to build multiple smaller schools that would have educated 100 times more students. And Oprah does these things out of wealth. I have greater respect for women like Jo Ann Lyons, the founder and CEO of World Hope International, who started her program while in poverty…and Jo Ann gives all the glory to God, not a fat pocket book.


29 05 2008
A New Earth’s Christian Option « Moonlit Walks

[…] this book which many around the world are taking part of, Christians included. Many are calling it Oprah’s church, but I don’t believe that’s her intention. She always like to share what she believes […]

18 06 2008

I enjoyed reading everyones comments, especially those who quoted scripture. I am a Christian. One God revealed by God in His Holy and pefect Word in three persons; the Father, the Son, the Holy Spirit. This is not MY way. It is simply THE WAY as Jesus said, “I am the way, the truth and the light. NO ONE (emphasis added) comes to the Father Any one looking for the way to eternal life it is by trusting Jesus, the Son. Is there any other way? Not according to the Holy Bible, his trusted Word. All that have to disprove the Bible have only come to prove its validity. Jesus, in His Word, have us only a few choices of what to think of him. He is either God, the Son; a lunatic, or a liar. He is not simply a good man or just a prophet, although he was both, he was and is much more. Someone mentioned that we must tell folks about his love and get folks through the doors of the church this way. This is true, but not all true. If we only focus on His love, we leave out His justice. Some such as “universalists” focus on love of their god and tell everyone they are going to make it to Heaven. Is this what your itching ears want to hear. Oh it sounds good and in some ways I wish it were true, but according to scripture it isn’t. The Way is though Jesus Christ, who gave His life (no one took HIs life) on the cross for the sins of those who will trust in Him. We are then adopted into the family of God (John 1). The reason Christians (I speak for myself) come off as somewhat rude is that I have a passion for the lost (those going to Hell, a real place, of eternal separation from God and others) and I want so badly for them to not only make it to Heaven (a real place of eternal life who we will see all of those who trusted in Christ) where God resides so to speak. I know God is omnipresent.

Another point that I really want those who believe there are MANY ways to a Holy, Perfect, Just, All Powerful, God. Well, logically, (let us reason together) all religions, beliefs etc. can be wrong. Logically, not all religions can be correct. So logically, Muslim and Christians cannot both be right…they can both be wrong…but cannot both be correct. They can try to love one another, but that is a completely different topic. I dare you (those who do not believe Christ to be their savior or that you don’t even need one) to read the Bible with an open mind and heart. Try and prove it wrong if want. Ask God to help you understand. I pray for those who are not Children of God, to those who read His message and that YOU will come to know the only one who can give you peace, understanding, and eternal life, Jesus Christ our Lord. The gospel message is not fun to hear, but it is hopeful. Sin, death, fear, lost….death of our Lord…a gift of grace and mercy, full of grace and truth (John 1)….eternal life. I cannot force you to believe God’s message. I can only present it. You can reject it or believe it. there is no other choice. With love, Jeff

25 07 2008

As a Christian, I believe in what the word of God “The Holy Bible” says, and that alone. Anything else, I avoid like the plague. *Jesus is my Lord and Savior, and I trust my life in His hands. It’s all about faith, hope and love! <

11 09 2008

I believe in God, but my only problem with all this, NO ONE has ACTUALLY READ THROUGH EVERYTHING. All of ya’all are like, “after I read this blog….and after I saw this YouTube”
Are you that ignorant? You’re not getting the whole thing from a cut and paste 8 minute video.
I’m gonna go buy her book, and read it, and I’m gonna watch her stuff on her website. Reading that stuff, and seeing it for myself is not going to shake my faith in God. However, searching for factual information over the net has gotten me a mess of cut and paste videos and what I believe people misinterpreting information.
If ya’all can’t tell those videos are terribly cut and pasted….Stop being lazy and read everything for yourself. You’re only being misled if you follow. It is true that the Devil deceives, but if you don’t investigate or actually read any of the material for what it is, you’re helping the deceiving. Don’t be ignorant, you can read and understand why do you have to bank off of other people.
I’m not an Oprah fan, but with this political campaign going the way it is, I’m willing to go read everything for myself before I can go to the polls and feel right about electing the 3rd Bush term into office who is now promising change and brought a female as his running mate to help sweep America. All of this is coming out about election time. Be careful and choose wisely, ya’all may be making a mistake following everyone else that has an opinion that you want to hear. Just because it’s what you want to hear doesn’t make it right. So when I get done reading that book, and seeing her little lessons for myself, I’ll be able to make my own decision on my own. Without falsely accusing whether or not she’s wrong.
What I want to know how many of ya’all have actually read her book and seen all of it?
If none of you have, you need to take your comments down, read it for yourself….and then come back with your opinion. You sound completely unintelligent running your mouths about one video on YouTube, or what you’ve seen other people say online. I can’t even find what I want cuz none of ya’all can reference her book, you’re just referencing the same two YouTube’s that I saw on it, and to tell the truth, I can’t get anything about what she’s saying. They’ve done cut and pasted that thing all up to make it sound like what one person wanted to get from it.
And if this is all true, and they’re trying to get a U.S. Peace Department or whatever the heck, then let them do it. It’s just one step closer to the Rapture and to Judgement Day, and folks, I’m ready to go home. This country and this is Earth is so nasty and filled with sin….So let it rain.
Also, if you’re so intent on this how it shouldn’t be, get up off your butts, get off the computer and do a march on Washington or something. Nothing gets done from posting blogs. Nothing gets done from sitting on this computer. If you want a revolution, lead it yourself, and get off line to do it.
If someone has actually read this book of hers, and seen her actual little lessons, please contact me at: lostinbama08@yahoo.com…..as well as other comments.

7 11 2008

For false Christs and false prophets will appear and perform great signs and miracles to deceive even the elect—if that were possible. Matt. 24:24

Do not be wise in your own eyes; fear the LORD and shun evil. Proverbs 3:7

Listen to my instruction and be wise; do not ignore it. Proverbs 8:33

These passages are for all of us christians. We cannot share warnings to those who are not one of us. Unless a person believe and receive Jesus Christ as his or her personal savior and Lord and be baptised, these words will bear fruits.

We already know what we are going to do incase we are in this kind of situation, right? e.g. If we heard that someone saying “there is no God but only the universe”.
To us its foolishness, but to those who are still astray this could excite them and make them crave for more “false truth”, which they might think it’s the “real truth”. It will be so convincing to them, for it is easy to believe to the things we see than to the things unseen.

We have to rebuke this kind of belief.

Preach the Word; be prepared in season and out of season; correct, rebuke and encourage—with great patience and careful instruction. 2 Timothy 4:2

He who rebukes a man will in the end gain more favor than he who has a flattering tongue. Proverbs 28:23

Thanks God for you Clary.. God bless u..

4 12 2009

WARNING!!! Beware lest anyone cheat you through philosophy and empty deceit,according to the tradition of men,according to the basic principles of the world,and not according to Christ . Colossians 2 v 8

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