Reality Check

1 04 2008

“It’s been real……” a popular phrase and today is holding so much meaning. I want to be real, and to a point I have been, but this is the time I’m called to open up even more in order to grow. The first person I want to reach is myself, digging deep within allows me to know and understand what I’m all about, hence I become more real to those around me. It is in this state of mind where I come to see further than I have seen before.



3 responses

3 04 2008
Dr Gregory

i have a few questions to ask this is my first time using this blog thing i dont even know how it works so please bare with me. I will ask when you respond

3 04 2008

Hello Dr Gregory, thanks for your visit. What is your question?

8 04 2008

Clary, this is a pretty significant post for being so short! I, like you, strive to be the real me. I know it will take work but I belive it can be done! Thank you for bringing it up!

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