Powerful Emotions

29 03 2008

How many times in your life how you felt powerless over an emotion? Emotions stir us in many different directions, there are positive as well as negative emotions. The ones I want to explore here are the ones that keep us from moving forward, the ones that paralizes and make us hurt inside.

Fear is the most common emotion, creates a disturbance in the balance of our life, it causes pain and sometimes powerlesness. When we are faced with the unknown the most logical reaction is fear, stepping out in faith trusting our instincts is not easy to do. Sometimes our actions are linked to people around us and the fact that there is a possibility that we might make the wrong decision paralizes us. At times we will have someone waiting for us to make a decision on what our next step will be putting even more pressure on us. I personally don’t like to make sudden decisions because I know by experience that they are not the best ones to make since by not having enough time to think things through a wrong decision is very easy to make. Then I will have to live with the consequences for many years to come. I guess the best thing to do is look at the present circumstance under a truthful light with the help of a friend or therapist and see if there is a possibility to make it better. But it all ultimately depends on the willingness of our heart to get involved in the process which can be lengthy and painful.

There is no easy way to embark into the unknown and yet we sometimes are forced to do it. It is like wanting to learn to swim, we are scared to death to sink but if we don’t let go of the ledge and start our struggle we will never learn how to do it. After much trial and error and only when we relax as we go into the water is when we manage to stay afloat and then we can begin to enjoy the freedom to go into much deeper waters without the fear of drowning in the process. I guess it is the same in life, the more we fight a situation to be different the worst it is to keep it under our control. If you get too tense while in the water you’ll sink like a rock to the bottom. In order to enjoy the waves you first need to dive in and one by one face the waves that come your way until you find the one with the right rythm to carry you for a short while. Nothing is perfect and learning to wait for the right time is crucial for many of our life’s decisions.

Fear springs from the notion that what we want or need to do at any given moment might not be understood or accepted by those who are important in our life. At the same time it might be something that its crucial for our mental and emotional well being. Ignoring the fact that some things need to change in our life will not make our life better, only easier for those around us because we won’t inconvenience their comfort. In time that comfort will not exist because we are part of the equation and when we are not satisfied with our life neither will they.

So how do we get rid of fears? By facing them at the right moment. By trusting that our innate instincts are calling us to move on to a different level and to hope that we ultimately cross over to the unknown dressed with power and self respect for who we are as individuals fulfilling our personal calling in life.



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30 03 2008

True fear is a powerful motivator. Psychological fear however is paralyzing and illogical. I’m the opposite Clary. I go with my gut most of the time and dive into the deep end without much thought. I’ve found when I give it too much thought I have the same success percentage anyways. I firmly believe there “bad” decisions. If the end result does not turn out the way you wanted or intended that does not necessarily mean the decision was a bad one. Making the decision and taking action is key. Besides, I like jumping in the deep end. It’s invigorating!

31 03 2008

“I go with my gut most of the time and dive into the deep end without much thought. I’ve found when I give it too much thought I have the same success percentage anyways.”

That’s an interesting observation Tony, I’m sure you’ve gone through it many times given your military training and service. I guess we need to be trained in these matters in order to be ready when the necessity to act arise and our trials are a mode of training in a way.

31 03 2008

There are moments/situations when we must make quick decisions; and there are times that we must take our time to evaluate the cliff we are in before taking the leap. The trick, I think, is learning to act accordingly.

Indeed, fear is a very powerful emotion. It can stop us from doing what we ought to do; it can make us turn around. But with faith, we can conquer fear; and once conquered, we realize it’s really nothing.

Have a good day, Ms. Lopez. You’ve got a great blog. 🙂


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