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24 03 2008

For longer than I can remember I’ve been wanting to visit Greece, specially Santorini. I don’t know what this place has but everytime I look at pictures I’m transported to a place of tranquility within.

The last few days have been difficult and tense. Music always have a positive effect on me, too bad I tend to forget and keep going with the day to day responsabilities and don’t make time to listen regularly. Yanni’s music tunes vibrates inside in such a way that the mental tension just melts away. It’s amazing. Music with lyrics don’t make the same impact. So yesterday I sat on the floor in front of my stereo, my eyes closed and listened to this whole concert on high volume. I let every note resonate inside me and that helped me tremendously.

What helps you keep balanced and relaxed?



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25 03 2008
Manuel Mendoza

Mi Querida ‘Clary Lopez! Some of my Calm effects for Me!!!
Music calms me Down,that would be, The Beatles(English Muffins)themes,it
starts off with rain sounds,a carage passing by,thunder,women talking,more
rain,more thunder,and in between all of this is the Early Beatles Themes
real cool,makes me think,with a glass of cognac! Sometimes I would have Yanni,GypsieKings,Julio Iglesias,Marvin Gaye ‘Sexaul Healing’,Barry White
Longer We Make Love’,Bryan Adams,’Everything I Do it For You,Mile Davis,
EManuel,’Blla Senora’,,LaMafia,’ MeEstoy Enamorando’,cOUNT bASIE,Dizzie
Gillesspie,Frank Sinatra ,’The Early Years’,,,Now if Too Stress I go out to
or wrk out TiChi or Some Yoga or JumpRope,,or Go to a Movie,,with lots of
Action !! So there go’s just a few of my joys but there is so much more then
meets the eye!!!! Great Music and Blog!!!

25 03 2008

I like going for walks and just being alone away from the busy freeway and noise that surrounds the area where we live. I’ve always enjoyed sunsets and sunrises.

Greece…our youngest 17 wants to go badly. It would be nice with some soft music, candle light a dinner for two watching the sun dip herself into the sea of a Greece shoreline and then a barefoot walk on the shores of Greece. Looking into the eyes of the one you love watching the reflections off falling stars.


26 03 2008

Santorini… It is just the most beautiful island in the world…

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