I Kissed the Crown of Thorns

22 03 2008


And then came the Veneration of the Cross on Good Friday, they brought over the big crucifix with Christ on it and the altar servers held it for the faithful to come forward. As I walked up I was thinking which part I would kiss and I remembered many years before in Puerto Rico looking for a statue of Christ wearing his crown of thorns. I wanted a really nice one but didn’t have much money so after walking all over Old San Juan from store to store I found one I could afford; one skilfully carved on wood.

I walked up and put my lips on the crown of thorns, so fitting to the way I’ve been feeling. Those thorns not only cut his forehead but went through his skull and touched his brain, how painful that must have been. And here I am and the whole congregation and I’m sure that a lot of us sitll contribute to that pain today. Many of us are going through some kind of physical, emotional or spiritual pain. I walked back to my pew and when kneeled I felt my heavy heart just to remember that He loves me no matter what and will continue to do so.

Tomorrow will be a happy day, we will remember the Resurrection and be reminded that right after a very painful moment there is always hope. In order to appreciate joy we must first experience sorrow.

Happy Easter my dear friends, may you feel JOY in your heart.



4 responses

22 03 2008
Arthur Henn

And a very “Happy Easter” to you and your family Clary.


24 03 2008

hi Clary. Happy Easter. Ave Maria Larry

24 03 2008
Manuel Mendoza

Throughout My Life, My Querida Clary Lopez,del Alma,,,,,,,
I’ve seen death to many times,just to wonder how long
is my cross! I’ve seen to many things that One could not,would not ‘BELIVE’,to be happening. For there are a few 100 thousand of Us,out there, who’s
live has been touched by God o’mighty,in their trail & tribulations of their
personnal life. I carry a Childrens bible which I’ve had since the 3rd grade.
I started reading it in the late 80’s,and realize then That God was there all the time,thru all my wrongs I did durning those yrs,,,and even when I come to danger now a days,I go bk to my Bibile to try to understand,what steps are better for Me to take,without going OverBoard!! Thee answers My Friends have
all the time been there,on what ever given page ,I was told to read & under-
stand what is best for me to percede in the right Direction,even though at
times I did not want to accept ,of what I was told to do,for the protection
of thee others & Me. It has been a learnning ‘Expreience of the Most Grander’,
So yes I do Believe very much in Jesus,God ,& The Holy Spirit. AND Yes there
has been sorrow in my household,and many Friends I’ve Lost over the yrs’!!
One must Loose Someone very Close,,,or Be One close to death,to under-
stand the True Glory of Christ HimSelf that He Does Exist!!

24 03 2008
Manuel Mendoza

And A Happy Late Easter To You ,Your Family & Friends Too!!!
Hope you have an ‘Awesome Week ‘,,,too!!!

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