15 03 2008

I was reading Paulo Coelho’s Blog and found out about his new book, Brida. The theme was interesting and in tune to what many women go through at different stages in their life. It has to do with finding out who she (Brida) is among other things, something I am questioning in my own life and I’m sure many other women are as well.

Here is the sypnosis from Amazon:

The spellbinding new novel from one of the world’s best-loved authors, Paulo Coelho, recounting the story of Brida, and her pursuit of wisdom. This is the story of Brida, a young Irish girl, and her quest for knowledge. She has long been interested in various aspects of magic, but is searching for something more. Her search leads her to people of great wisdom, who begin to teach her about the world. Her teachers sense that Brida has a gift, but cannot tell what that is. Meanwhile, Brida pursues her course ever deeper into the mysteries of life, seeking to answer questions about who she is. She meets a wise man who dwells in a forest, and teaches her about overcoming her fears and trusting in the goodness of the world, and a woman who teaches her how to dance to the music of the world, and how to pray to the moon. She seeks her destiny, as she struggles to find a balance between her relationships and her desire to become a witch. This enthralling novel incorporates themes fans of Paulo will love. It is a tale of love, passion, mystery and spirituality.

I went ahead and pre-order the Spanish version due in April, I can’t wait. I just finished reading The Zahir and I really enjoyed it. It is about love and obsession. Right now I’m reading Veronika Decides to Die. Paulo always write about what is so common to all of us as human beings, there is a new important universal theme in each one of his books. He says he writes to understand himself but in the process he reveals human nature to the core and the great need to keep it linked to the spiritual. I always find nuggets of wisdom sprinkled in all of his books and some of them are deeper than others.

If you get a chance go ahead and check his books, I am sure you won’t be disappointed.

Thank you Paulo for writing the way you do.



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10 04 2008

I received my copy today!!!! I will read it right away and let you know about it.

30 05 2008

HOw was the book Brida?
i just compleated the english vertion of the Brida. I find like it another vertion of The Alchemist.
But authours work is amazing.

2 06 2008

I haven’t finished reading it yet, but it is nothing compared to The Alchemist. I believe it will be hard to come up with another book like that.

9 06 2008

Hi clary,

I am on the verge of finishing this fabulous work by evergreen Paulo. I see that people are trying to compare all his work to Alchemist which I feel is unwarranted, cause each one is an unique story and requires different approaches. It will be really diffcicult to pace all his work in the lines of Alchemist as the essence of the plot and message will be diluted and tend to become satle. This has infact pagued many authors who try to compete with their earlier success and end up imitating their own work. That way Paulo has kept himself miles apart in terms of story telling. So read alll his work with a blank slate which I am sure will make your thirst more desirable.


9 06 2008

hey you should try reading “eleven minutes”..and “on the banks of river pedra she sat and wept”

9 06 2008

As a matter of fact I’ve read a few of his books and I approach them just like you suggested. It’s true, each book has its own story and message. I really enjoyed The Pilmigrage, Warrior of the Light, and The Zahir. Thank you for the reminder.

18 06 2008

I finished reading Brida and like I expected it had a lot for me to think about. I have to say that the end is not was I was hoping for but at the same time it rings so much like our undeniable reality. I will definetely recommend you to read the book and explore the complexity of love.

20 06 2008

hi Clary, I’ve always been an ardent admirer of yours ever since I first found out about you on mybloglog. It’s nice to see you over here too. Larry

26 06 2008

Hi Clary, after reading so much about Paulo’s Brida, I’m dying to read it. I’ve read The Zahir, 11 Minutes, The Alchemist, The Devil & Miss Prym and Veronica Decides to Die… And Each of his book is totally unique in its own way. I totally agree with Ramprakash. Now I’m looking forward to read this book.

With Regards,

26 06 2008

Hey Guys

I am onto 170th Page of Brida.
If you wana learn the concept of the SOULMATE…..BRIDA is the one book must read for you…


6 07 2008

Excellent book, loved it totally. Paulo has the gift, I recently finished his Like a flowing river. Amazing book again not one story but short real life experiences .

9 07 2008

I’ve been a Paulo Coehlo reader since I was a teenager. The Alchemist was my first Coelho book and I loved it. I’ve read almost all of his books. He is a real magus, as many of his characters, and magic is the main ingredient in many if not all of his books. I just got the book Brida last night. My husband saw it in a book store and bought it because he thought I looked exactly like the girl on the cover. Funny enough I do look like that from that angle . Also because he knows I love Paulo’s books and I use magic all the time. The bridge between the visible and invisible worlds he talks about, really exists, once you tap into it it’s very difficult to ignore. So far I’m hooked on Brida, I read last night until 2:00 am.

9 10 2008

hey. what was your favorite line?…

1 12 2008

Hi friends,
A few months back i stared reading Paulo Coehlo’s books and I started with “The Alchemist”. It was a fantastic creation and I got obsessed with his kind of genre…So wanted to look out for one more of his, and so found “Brida”. Its been a few days now that I started it and I am halfway through it. Its a quite interesting book. Its about a girl who goes in need to learn Magic and the hidden mystery behind her and discovers a lot more with the help of two people, Wicca and the Magus. They help her understand the tricks and the way to find her Soulmate.
Well, I would complete the book hopefully in a week, and will have more to say about this…. Keep reading… 🙂

19 03 2009

I too started reading Coelho when I was a teenager, my first book being The Alchemist which I read in Spanish. I then did all I could to read his books: La Quinta Montana, By the River Piedra, Veronika Decide Morir, El Zahir, etc. While I do not compare any one book to the other, Brida is very similar in theme to The Witch of Portobello which I read earlier this year. Has anyone else read it?

7 04 2009

when i started reading paulo coehlo’s works my first favorite was by the river piedra i sat down and wept. As I read further, my favorite changes as i finish reading every book. As of the moment eleven minutes is my favorite but sooner or later i know that i will have a new favorite.

7 04 2009

Yeona, that is one book of Paulo I need to read, is not in my library yet but I heard is very good.

17 03 2011

Hi Clara,
I had my copy of Brida last week and was able to read it just now. I got the same feeling that you said in your blog. It made me question more about my life. This book is really great and beautifully written.

11 04 2011

@ Charisse: I have recently read ‘The Witch of Portobello’ & I’d concur with you there, Both these book have almost the same topics: Magic, Witches & Gifts (Excluding the main motives). Anyway, I’ve been suggested by a few people to read ‘The Alchemist’ & ’11 Minutes’ I really do hope they turn out to be different.

I have found it rather odd, How Brida first goes on this quest for her Soulmate & I thought it ends when she realizes who her REAL Soulmate is; because she’d been keen on knowing and finding ”the one” it; but it’s kind of odd, I should say perhaps, that she still doesn’t chooses him; To be honest, The end slightly saddened me.

22 04 2011

The Alchemist is the first book I read of Paulo Coelho, as a matter of fact I am reading it again for the 5th time. I think you will love it. 11 Minutes is really good too, but kind of strong. You tell me when you finish. Thanks for your comment.

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