Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish

7 03 2008

Reading and listening to successful people is one of the best ways to learn with what perspective to look at our life. We encounter many situations and challenges in life and sometimes doubt we are doing the right thing. I’ve noticed one common theme along these kind of messages and testimonies;


At the time it might seem foolish but on the long run it pays off. We don’t know for sure if things are going to work out but in time when we look back we can see it clearly. It happens a lot when the unexpected happens to us just when we are feeling comfortable right where we are. It is an opportunity to learn and grow in ways we never thought of. The growth is usually painful because it means leaving what is familiar and comfortable to us. It takes courage to move on a different direction, but our instincts will guide us. Some of us are slow or afraid to take a new path (in life or business) even though we had a gut instinct that something needs to change, by the time we decide to do something it’s too late. We can see that in the trend changes of our economy today and how signs were displayed years ago. Those who noticed them and made changes are doing better today -at least they prepared- others are having a hard time.

So let’s learn to tune into ourselves and read within the lines of our emotions, listen to our instinct and act upon them.


“He dares to be a fool, and that is the first step in the direction of wisdom.” James Huneker



2 responses

8 03 2008
Manuel Mendoza

You know mi Querida del Alma,’LIFE’ ,throws lots of curve balls at you ,from
childhood,to adulthood,never ending bumps,curveballs,hills,stroms,thunders
and a whole lot of which ways,in each one of our lives. Each and every single
person in this world is given choices whether they are good intentions or bad
intentions in Our Personal journies. It is up to each one of Us to make that choice that will either benefit Us,or destroy Us,in the path We Choose to Follow.
Now there are circumstances beyond our control at times in places were some
of Us Live at,that the choice is not of yours to make! If you do the only choice
is Death,,but other then that We do have a choice to make in our lives,that will
benefit you as well as those that surround you. Life is Growth and Adapt
plus having Passion in what you desire to do to make changes in your life,
and never giving up that dream,but puting it into action as well,whether
PPL,in your family or Friends think that you will not benefit from it at all.
Cause they gave up a long time ago,so they figure you should be in the
same boat as they are,,,don’t go their way,follow your gut instinct,do what
ever it takes to get there no matter what!! I’ve been very fortunate in my
life time to have achieve many dreams,,and yet I am chasing a few more to
complete my Journey,,which is always a step-by-step LEARNING PROCESS.

15 03 2008


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