The Power of Words and the Mind

1 03 2008

Our living existence consist in part of acting upon our convictions. As we live our life we encounter many opportunities to grow in the different facets according to our circumstances and our reactions to them. Everyday we move along a path, hopefully we walk along the path we are meant to, but many times we encounter detours on our way. To me the main thing is to keep in mind the ultimate destination. A lot of times we are influenced to think that our destination is the one presented or imposed by others in our life. We encounter many people in our life who help us or hurt us along the way and we need to learn to discern which are the ones we must listen to the most. In most cases it is us who we should listen to since we are created in a way that we know deep inside what is right or wrong. Our upbringing is very important in this regard and the development of our values in order to make the right decisions.

In communication, words are powerful; able to build up or destroy. It is important to learn to communicate to others in order to get the most out of every situation in our life. Being quick to listen and slow to talk is a good thing, words are very hard to take back and it is best to listen carefully before we try to communicate what’s in our heart and mind. The mind affects our physical reaction to many of our circumstances and it can impact our life in positive as well as negative ways. There is a major issue who complicates our existence and it is the fact that our life is part of a society that looks to mantain a certain order to keep its balance.

In relationships words come in to express our emotions, our goals, our dreams and hopes. But it can also be used to insult, to oppress and to control the other. In words we have the spoken and written one, both can be utilized to communicate what’s in our heart. Choosing to speak or not should be our choice, we can’t take back words so I prefer to take it slow in this regard. The written word is also slow, it gives me time to think and then write what’s in my heart and soul. It takes time to build up a written piece and it is ultimately my decision to share it or not with others. It’s a great way to gain a personal insight. In a difficult situation I recent when others push me to speak before I can analyze what I want to say. I also dislike when my words are twisted around and misinterpreted according to someone else understanding. Unlike the writing I’m doing here in which I try convey an idea in a general manner, when I speak with those in my life I try to be clear and direct. I can’t say the words that others expect from me, that would be dishonest, I need to say the words that express my true emotions. If those words would hurt someone else a lot of times I prefer to remain silent. Silence sometimes speak much louder than words.



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2 03 2008
Arthur Henn

“The Power of Words and the Mind”

Clary, I love the title to this.
The eye’s, the mind and our hearts the home to our souls. I was just discussing the other day with my son that when we were in the womb before being born we knew nothing, our minds were blank but we were still nourished by mom up until birth then we was bounded to her by her bosom. Then came the spoon so on and so on. I’m sorry, not good with words. But you are right a lot of our choices are based by what we learned at home before leaving home. Right from wrong.

When I left home I made my mind up that I was going to fly and be free…always going a direction I knew was the wrong way because my heart told me it wasn’t right and listening to what was taught to me early on came back and inspired me to not fall if you will.

The power of words and the mind strikes me as looking into a mirror because I remember a few times I would hear mom say I don’t know what we are going to do with you and dad would say he will learn soon enough. Those words alway stuck with me and this was dads way of being silent that he had enough faith in me that i would be OK because he knew I knew better.

He was right. I always heard them words echoed in my mind “He will learn soon enough”

The detours I encounter daily, I learning to continue still at 52 to walk the straight narrow path of each crossroad. Looking in the rear view mirror of walk hoping I can continue to keep moving forward and pickup and help those that need help in my walk so they don’t make the same mistakes I did.

Just to night I was about to get into a big fight, argument with my son knowing if I was not to be silent all hell was going to break out. I want to thank you for what you have written here because I had read this just before we were going to tangle if you will.

The power of your words here silenced the words of my mind and I thought of what my dad said. “He will learn soon enough”

Don’t know if this is where you were going with this but this is where my heart went with it.

Good to have you back “Clary”


2 03 2008

I’m glad to hear that you decided to remain silent, when we are mad or too emotional about something we tend to not think clearly and many times say things we later want to take back. Thanks so much for your comment, it’s good to be back. 🙂

5 03 2008
Jason P.

Rarely does anyone listen to the advice you just distilled, including myself.

But good advice nonetheless!

6 03 2008
Manuel Mendoza

Well in my life,I’ve been taught,to voice myself,even if sometimes i looked like
i was not aware of the situation,in other wrds act like a fool,but in reality you are more aware then most PPL,would credit You! Frm my childhood to the present has always been a constent pursuit to voice my actions,but a few times
there has been silence,,more so when politics plays a gamble with Once Life.
In My Business circles has been the same ,constent action ,reaction. In the
community has always been a constentreaction,action to voice my thoughts,
my opinons, to be in front of the battlefield,for all those who have felt like
underdogs vs. Corporations and Governments. But it is true that ‘SILENCE’ is
more POWERFUL then Action as long as your enemie thinks they have the
UPPER Hand. Your Bloggs mi querida del Alma they are Awesome!!!

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