Life Visualization

15 02 2008

It’s interesting to learn how our mental picture of things and situations in life become our reality in time. The mind is powerful and able to guide us in the attainment of what we are able to communicate to it. As we visualize our goals in life we find ways to the path that will allow us to obtain what we see in our mind. Obstacles become opportunity for growth and endurance along the way. Creativity takes a new shade when there is a goal to obtain in our mind. There is no experience wasted when we have an idea of what it is we want to bring into our life.

I remember a time when life was just a day to day existence without any goals or direction. There were no responsibilities or obligations then but as I grew up and started thinking on my future and what it might look like I realize that I needed to “see” that future in my mind.

We all go through stages where our life is transformed to take us to our ultimate destination, sometimes resistance forces us to slow down a little. A re-evaluation is a most in moments like these.



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18 02 2008
Manuel Mendoza

For some of us,that have being given this Oppertunity in life,It makes You
think,& try to rationalize where You destination is really going to.
Life is Stages,for all of Us,as human beings,,you may have studied,& even
become very Successful,,but an event in your life,,Changes everything that
is in frnt of You,and it has to be Very Personal to make that change in your
lifestyle,or Income. Very few People have been given a New Sight, A New
Beginnig, a New Challenge,most of the time,the income of that person,
changes Dramaticaly,But that does not matter to those who have made a tremendous leap of faith..Very few of those have made enough funds to
make that changein there lives,that it becomes a Profound Passion,that person understands what He or She,will undertake a new path,a New
Destiny,a New right of Way!

One should understand that those of Us,who have been given this
Oppertunity,is very demanding,,depending on the ‘Cause’ or The Issue
which is very Personel,it is a Passion that very few Undersand the Meaning
to make that leap of faith,that at times the rest of the Family or your Mate
does not understand,Why You made that drastic change,,fear is not One
of them, Money is not even part of the change. It Is a Personnal Issue to
to Help others ,or make a change in your surraroundings were You live
at. At Times You might loose your life in the undertaking of the change of your community,laws of your government that need change to benefit all,,
or make a reaction to others to respond!!

28 02 2008

Thanks for sharing your thoughts Manuel

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