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5 02 2008

Living is an art, finding the right balance and determining our intention is integral to the overall quality of our life. Many of us are guilty of not living our life, we are alive but not living. Spending our days dwelling either on the past or the future instead of today.

Time goes by so fast that if we are not paying attention we miss the point altogether. Touching, connecting and transforming is part of what life is and doing the best we can according to our gifts and talents. Learning, experiencing and teaching is another important piece in the equation.

Are you living or are you just alive?



3 responses

7 02 2008
james emmans

Living – it is quite natural to me!

But the very poor are forced to live in the now which does not help them. Planning for the future does have its advantage, I have never lived that way to my disadvantage – or precieved disadvantage.

8 02 2008

I agree with you, thinking on the possibilities in the future helps a great deal in improving our life. What I refer to here is about thinking so much on our past or future that we lose grasp of our present which is the only thing we have at the moment. Thanks so much for your comment James.

11 02 2008

Living baby! Living large!

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