Reality – Individual and Collective

28 01 2008

In my humble opinion, we move along life touching and transforming as we act in time and space. Reality changes as each and everyone of us partake on the creation of new experiences with our mere presence. Time and space takes on our own sense of being and moves according to those around a specific area. No moment in time is ever the same as long as we are part of it. What we have to share at any given moment is determined by our state of mind, soul and our ability to express it. As time goes by our actions change according to our immediate need to let out what is moving our spirit. To expect and unchanging state of being is unrealistic since we are constantly evolving at different levels according to our needs, trials and tribulations, it’s our way to maintain a certain balance within. Each personal experience, challenge, trial, fear, dream and desire is a way of helping us move along a path of meaningful existence.

No human being is all knowing of what’s going to happen next, trying to control circumstances and reactions in us or others is the wrong way to achieve the highest level of understanding and meaning in life. Trust and Faith is needed in order to let growth take place in our life and allowing others choose their own path in life.

Fear creates what we are trying to avoid, trust creates what we are meant to have.



3 responses

28 01 2008
Tony H

This is more than just a “humble” opinion.

28 01 2008
David Reyes

Great Job Clary!!!


30 01 2008
Manuel Mendoza

Mi Amiga del Alma,so great to see you again!! Well that is true not one
single person in this world,knows what will affect us tomorrow,or even
minutes from now. What may have occur yesterday,is done with or is still laching on to us,cause we let it be. We as humanity,no matter how smart
or brilliant we are, We will never understand that we are not GODS,we are
PPL,with every bit of false,fake,mistrust,dishonesty,ignorance,
hatred,deseit,sorrow,begatry,,yet We have Hope,that things in our lives
will work accourding to what we preceive to be the truth, and yet we have
our own justification to our reallity,as to to whom we are meant to be with
and that sometimes does not follow our plans we had before,a change
of someone else coming into the picture,but we struggle to beleive that
things are going well for us,it’s part of human nature to go thru those hills,
bumps,disagreements,disapointments,but if we as humanity,have a loving
family or Friends that you could count on,those types of fears gradually
disappear in time,but its part of life we all at one time or more have to realize
that no matter how much you put into those types of relationships,
friendships,more so when at times it’s a business venture,we think with
our heart ,not with our mind to grow and prosper as one should. There will
always be a disagreement to the understanding that Love does not play
a majore roll in BUSINESS,that then becomes a sign of not balance within
one self ,at all,then Emotions get crunched in to Profits,one not willing
to accepted what needs to be done,blames the other for not catring at all.
The same in friendship ,are some of the cause’s to fold or colasp the
unity you both had ,when that dream was just a dream!!
Again not one single person in this world can say that everything you
have in your thoughts will happen,no matter how wealthy you might be.
You got to have Trust and Faith in you to at least believe that things will
change for the better,but one must learn to get fear away from themselves
to make true changes in their lives to actually Mean any thing that is a
positive change in your live,,,otherwise you can’t blame the World or
the PPL,that surround you,,,cause you are not willing to make that new
step to a new Adventure in your life.
Clary mi Amiga Del Alma,,Great Blogg,You are Awesome,the Best,
GodBless you and Your family & friends!! take care byeee4 now!!

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