Reality – Individual and Collective

28 01 2008

In my humble opinion, we move along life touching and transforming as we act in time and space. Reality changes as each and everyone of us partake on the creation of new experiences with our mere presence. Time and space takes on our own sense of being and moves according to those around a specific area. No moment in time is ever the same as long as we are part of it. What we have to share at any given moment is determined by our state of mind, soul and our ability to express it. As time goes by our actions change according to our immediate need to let out what is moving our spirit. To expect and unchanging state of being is unrealistic since we are constantly evolving at different levels according to our needs, trials and tribulations, it’s our way to maintain a certain balance within. Each personal experience, challenge, trial, fear, dream and desire is a way of helping us move along a path of meaningful existence.

No human being is all knowing of what’s going to happen next, trying to control circumstances and reactions in us or others is the wrong way to achieve the highest level of understanding and meaning in life. Trust and Faith is needed in order to let growth take place in our life and allowing others choose their own path in life.

Fear creates what we are trying to avoid, trust creates what we are meant to have.