Preparing for the Unknown

19 01 2008

There is a new chapter, new events, a new problem or situation, you know is coming but you have no idea what it is or how to prepare for it. Is there such a thing as to prepare yourself for the unknown? Should we waste energy on something you know nothing about? Perhaps not.

I know mine is coming and all I’m trying to do right now is to relax and don’t think too much on how I imagine everything will be. At this point I know well nothing I imagine will be what will happen at the end. Attitude is what I need to concentrate and a spirit of acceptance. Maybe I should take with me The Power of Positive Thinking by Norman Vincent Peale, better grab it now before I forget.

The right mental and emotional attitude helps assimilate better the big and small unknown situations in our life. Your mind remains receptive and alert ,opened to ideas and able to create solutions for the situations and circumstances that threaten to throw you out of balance. I tend to be the “strong” in the family, able to communicate, guide and protect those I love. I can hide the turbulence inside as long as needed to in order to offer others the estability and support they need for their trials. What I need to figure out is how to sustain myself in order not run out of energy, hope and love. Quiet time and meditation has helped me for many years so I will continue to do so as I go along my path.

When you are caring for others it makes sense to care for yourself first. In order to give you need to have. For many years I’ve tried to do things on my own, only God is allowed into my deepest needs and worries. Now, I feel is time to open up to others who might be able to help me as well. God works in different ways and through different people so I must be aware to detect when that happens and welcome it with an open mind.

So to me the ultimate way to prepare myself for the unknown is to tune in to myself and be opened to the endless possibilities that might come my way in order to help me accomplish my mission.



3 responses

20 01 2008
Manuel Mendoza

Preparing for what may or not,is never easy,or we think so. We sometimes know what will happen even though we don’t want that to happen,to Us,
or Our Love One’s.
But We must go through,in order to show support to others that need
our emotional support,for them to handle the situation,as well as our
selves. In the trip that You will take,You will be treated with lots of
respect an Love,For what I Gather of You,being who You are,Your a
tight neet Family,you need to express your feelings do not keep them
in! You Don’t want to go there at all!
I Don’t need to explain what you need to do,it’s in Your
Heart,just be supportive with each other,My Prayers to You,
and to Your Family. If you need to express your
feelings Please Do So,that’s why you are a special woman.
A querdate que soy Open-Minded,after 17+ yrs in the Community,
I ‘ve been in to many Places seen to many things what Humanity is Great At,as well as its Uglyness, but that’s another story!

22 01 2008
Jason P.

Good posts as always.

21 02 2008

Very wise words and some good sound advice for people like me! Hey, I tried to leave a quick comment too but only had the option to ‘wink, smile, flirt or whatever’. Why’s that? (Or am I doing something wrong again?…).

Thanks for your blog. X

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